Rudy Giuliani Admitted Trump Team Had No Evidence for Election Fraud Claims: A Closer Look

Published on June 22, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at the January 6 hearings proving Trump and his allies knew they had no evidence of election fraud but still orchestrated a desperate plan to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

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  • Touncy 2 years ago

    jenna ellis is one smart feller, er fart smeller

  • Gbenro Oduyela 2 years ago

    Uncle Rudy at it again?

  • hussydahustla 2 years ago

    I can’t even laugh at this anymore. Vile disgusting humans willing to stop to ANY level for power. It’s the worst in humanity on full display.

  • Rusty Shackelford 2 years ago

    “I have it but i didn’t bring it with me.” If a middle school teacher wouldn’t expect the excuse neither should congress or the DOJ.

  • W 2 years ago

    Rudy Giuliani said he’s gonna sue the January 6th Committee…he needs to sue whomever sold him whatever it was that made his hair melt on Live Television.

  • Paul C 2 years ago

    I love Ginger. Where can I get Ginger Mints? I’ve never seen them here in the 6.

  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    Rudy: they would search for USB drives, not ports. The port is on the computer. Seth fell for his incorrect term.

  • Logen Mattsen 2 years ago

    Why does no one understand that there’s a proximity sensor that turns off the screen when an Android phone is next to your head how stupid are you people

  • Andrew Frazer 2 years ago

    And this ain’t funny it serious and should be looked extremely closely

  • Nancy Alexander 2 years ago

    A USB port is the HOLE into which you insert a USB “stick” (device). Looking for a hole. Can you find nothing?

  • Scott Godfrey 2 years ago

    I will make a prediction, if you don’t mind. Until Trump is dead, until Rudy is dead, until Cruz is dead you will face a civil war. I am not avocating for their deaths, turning these morons into martyrs is a waste of time, but they came close to destroying your country and they will do it again. You know everyone is talking about how bad Trump is but he’s still your second worst president after Buchanan. Buchanan allowed your country to slip into civil war and until trump does the same he’s only your second worst. DON’T LET HIM BECOME YOUR WORST. He is a psychopath and psychopaths cannot change. If you he is allowed to run again he will destroy your country and you will deserve to see your country destroyed if he is not stopped. This is my prediction. You have until Jan 6, 2023, if he is not stopped and in prison by then your country is extinct. Good luck.

  • amir4r 2 years ago

    Finally: a politician with integrity, thank you Rusty

  • stlion 2 years ago

    Ruby and her daughter have now a long line of lawyers who want to work with them to sue the ORANGE MORON, his entourage and those ppl who tried to harm them for the 2020 elections!!!

  • Mary Kay Jolley 2 years ago

    A ginger mint.

  • Arland Nicholas 2 years ago

    Lol to be honest I bet a person working at subway can do a better job then the trump dopes. And LMFAO at his brain is the size of a gingermint


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