Stephen Colbert Presents: “NFT Heist” – The First Blockbuster Movie About NFTs!

Published on March 12, 2022

With so much money flowing into the NFT market, it’s no surprise that it has attracted a new generation of art thieves. And with NFT theft on the rise, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood turned it into a blockbuster heist movie. That matter of time is now.

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  • Vishaan Singh 2 years ago


  • HayzeD 2 years ago

    Only 400,000 thousand people have owned an NFT at any time, 1% of crypto owners invested in then which is already a small amount. A complete scam being over inflated and covered like everyones buying them which they aren’t.

  • Crabe05 2 years ago

    No, NFTs aren’t hot in the art world. They are hot in the *finance* and con artists world, and art is only a pretext. NFTs are bad, destroying the environment and the economy, and are an hindsight into the most attrocious future where everything is markettable, including your own identity. Now stop giving it a platform, it is disgusting.

  • mark c 2 years ago

    NFTs: Proof Positive people will buy anything.

  • Michael Lewis 2 years ago

    CBS have Stephen pimping NFT’s to try to normalize them so they can profit off of them while not giving a shit that NFT’s are only traded as valuably as they are because of money laundering. “I don’t understand them!” You don’t have to Stephen, just get your more gullible audience members to spend their hard earned money on them.

  • Cory Halavan 2 years ago

    It’s fun to point and giggle but I’m sure The Build DAO isn’t havin fun with them NFTs took over(thinks Kira).

  • KnexManManManMan 2 years ago

    so not only was someone stupid enough to waste real money on this thing but they then had their “non-steal able encrypted block chain” stolen??

  • Loki 2 years ago

    Nfts are used to fund fraud.

  • Jrsydvl 2 years ago

    When did clip art get so expensive?

  • Mateo .D. Nicholas 2 years ago

    lnvesting in crypto now shouId be in every wise individuaIs Iist, in some months time you’II be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • MJ Moonbow a.k.a. Tinman 2 years ago

    Are there NFTs as merchandise out already? WEN??? I wanna buy some!!!!

  • Captain Smith 2 years ago

    Somebody at citi Bank was sitting on the 350$ bucks money order and died off, but that’s not theft@!

  • Daniel Chow 2 years ago

    NFT is like the deed to a house, or the rights to a music record. It is simply a contract for ownership and usage rights.
    You can go ahead a use your computer to copy a Disney movie, but if you distribute or profit from that copy you can expect Disney’s lawyers to come banging on your door. Just like if you use stock photography from Ghetty Images without paying for usage rights.

  • Michael Robb 2 years ago

    Wait the had to sensor hole but not the ass? Fucking why? Someone should write a letter. Fucking figure it out.

  • randomdoodification 2 years ago

    Blockbuster is back?!

  • SerenityReceiver 2 years ago

    We didn’t forget, YOU made an NFT, Colbert.

  • Cylord 2 years ago

    the picture has nothing to do with the nft.Its just the Ad for it. you dont own the ad if you buy a product. the reciept is the actual nft.


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