Quinta Brunson Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue & Trump Furious Over MyPillow Mike FBI “Raid”

Published on September 14, 2022

A new study done by researchers at Cal Berkeley shows that the wildfires that regularly ravage our state could destroy most of our cannabis crops, Adobe released their annual report listing the most popular emojis in America, more than half of all Republican candidates who will be on the ballot come November have either questioned the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory, the FBI confiscated MyPillow Mike’s phone, he doubled down and released a new endorsement for a favorite candidate, Lauren Boebert of Colorado treated her friends at a religious conference to a reading from a version of the Bible, we prank Disney stars at the D23 Expo with a fake filter, and Quinta Brunson interrupts Jimmy to thank some people that she didn’t have time to get to on Monday night at the Emmys


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  • Nugboy 420 1 year ago

    Oh she is so little.

  • Making Statements 1 year ago

    The whole internet took this way more seriously than they did.

  • Matthew Galena 1 year ago

    “pillowy biscuits” feels like a possible ephemism in this context.

  • Kelli Storie 1 year ago

    Ummm… Everyone knows chicken is not a vegetable. But lamb is.

  • MG J1s 1 year ago

    That dumbass Disney skit was garbage and it went on WAAAY too long.

  • bob vanbuskirk 1 year ago

    Ted says Lauren is a wonton woman

  • Anna Moye 1 year ago

    Thank you for Jimmy Kimmel for letting her finish her acceptance speech
    Real cool man, real cool
    Congratulations Quintana Brunsen
    From Buzz feed
    To teacher
    To Emmy award winner
    You go girl

  • Young Han 1 year ago

    If the govt. Is trying to prevent Trump’s re-election. There must be some reason behind it….

  • LoveofPassion 1 year ago

    Way to clean it up Jimmy because you nearly lost a fan. Love Quinta

  • Eric Klaus 1 year ago

    Louder Jimmy you little man

  • spankywzl 1 year ago

    “Yes, Lauren. Like the soup.”

    …* proceeds to blast an apt Led Zeppelin selection

  • Ryan Swanson 1 year ago

    12:49 Whoever operated the camera here was slick af!


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