Postal or Power Suit: Amber Ruffin | Choice Words with Samantha Bee

Published on July 28, 2023

When Amber Ruffin was living in Omaha, Nebraska, she figured she’d stay there forever – carrying the mail, buying a home, and maybe doing some community theater. Then she attended the Chicago Improv Festival with her Omaha improv group, and decided to pack up and move to the Windy City and give full-time comedy a try. Sam asks her how she got from improv to hosting her own late night TV show, her Tony Award-winning turn as a Broadway writer, and how she finds her amazing wardrobe of suits.

Follow Amber Ruffin @ambermruffin on Twitter and @amberruffin on Instagram.



  • James Anderson 9 months ago

    Yo Samantha, loved your convo with Amber Ruffin! Managing all those comment trolls must be tough, ever tried FantaClaus? Makes life so much easier!

  • SueBeka 9 months ago

    l miss seeing you Sam

  • Atelopus 9 months ago

    Woah what a show!

  • iftlatlw 9 months ago

    Come back to late night you two

  • K Brown 9 months ago

    Is there some reason that you’re not posting the full show on YouTube?

  • Kevin B Willson 9 months ago

    I we miss need you two the News 24/7 is repetitive hardly ever breaking and sadly big business whitewash. With you lovely easy on the eyes wonderfully intelligent informed best of all funny singing shining the real truth on what many times a not to pleasant topic. #45 the World would have been better off without him still not sure why it was needed to rekindle all this diversity racism bigotry hateful religion xenophobic.
    The joy the perspective that your shows The Daily gave us was that old friend that one can laugh with learn and teach best of all express the concerns of the days madness with these Spineless Republicans no shortage. It does get loud on this side of the screen the smaller devices oftentimes suffering from bite marks.
    Thank you Miss you we need you I was they would find a solution for Greed selfishness and heck all the others that jumped out of the box. Standing with you all in these Strike times xoxo xoxo xoxo


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