Play “Duner Or Later” With Zendaya & Timothée Chalamet, Stars Of “Dune”

Published on October 22, 2021

The stars of “Dune,” Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, wrap up their three-part interview with superfan Stephen Colbert by playing a little game to see how well they know their history. “Dune” opens in theaters and on HBO Max today! #Dune #Zendaya #TimothéeChalamet


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  • Suaird 2 years ago

    Having recently watched the original and now the new film or shall we call it the new film part 1, I can honestly say the original is far better

  • Daniel DL 2 years ago

    My boy with the quick maths

  • James Carl Tiro 2 years ago

    Colbert didn’t pick up on Timothy’s comment “New York State regions” after adding their ages together and getting the answer correct. Too lazy to look it up, does he mean he went to Math olympiad regionals??

  • B1001 D 2 years ago

    awesome movie

  • Linden 2 years ago

    Realistically how much of the Dune universe will make it to screens (film and TV)? I want ALL of it, especially the prequels, but I know it’s unlikely it will all get adapted.

  • Очкарик Q 2 years ago

    on the collarbone and on the head wet sand hat the sand dries painfully. You can feel the rubbing of sand in the carpet with your heels.

  • kulgetha gwc 2 years ago

    I guess I am a Duner i found an abandoned copy of dune when I was 9 years old i think i got to about page 100 before I gave up It was a little for my young mind to handle
    I had to wait till i was a little older in junior high and after reading the hobbit and the lord of the rings trilogy that was ready to start reading the big boy books and took it on again
    found my love for sci fi and fantasy and now 5000 books later still am going strong

  • Jasta Ykotuce 2 years ago

    1:55 zendayas reaction “mm ow”

  • Eyncha Globus 2 years ago

    I hope Chalamet changes his views on what Paul is about as he inhabits the character further.

    The film has many merits and does better in fronts I was worried about but ultimately has a major weakness I never expected. I suggest streaming it and breaking in into a few sessions like Momoa said at some point.

    This project needs to go on even if it doesn’t become as big a hit as was expected. The second part is more ambitious in scope, but if they retain enough of the previous team they’ll be ideally qualified to handle it. Done right, they’ll built a fanbase that will pay dividends for years. But it’s crucial not to overly focus on current media trends because these always change. This one needs to last.

  • Dejj cc 2 years ago

    Absolutely amazing movie

  • Dee Dee 2 years ago

    The 1984 Dune movie blew. I hope this one is better but then again, some books really need to stay books.

  • Celtic Batman 2 years ago

    I groaned audibly when I saw

    “Part One”

    Otherwise, yeah it is really pretty dang good

  • Mark Rende 2 years ago

    Haven’t watched the movie yet. But Johnson & Johnson keep paying out lawsuits because of their loved ones dying of cancer from using talcum powder. Goes to show how the movie industry really doesn’t care about their actors as long as the movie producers are getting their pockets lined with money. Hope the movie is good if I decide to watch it. Keep an eye on he’s great actors who in all actuality put their life on the line and find out if in later years they obtain cancer from using talcum powder. It’s all about the money money money. Not about the safety of the actors. Some producers that have people getting shot with a gun in their movies, don’t even make sure the guns are safe as we have found out this week of one person getting killed again with a gun that misfire and killing an actor and wounded one. In production was the movie Rust and while they were doing a scene Alex Baldwin yes I said Alex Baldwin killed an actor and wounded one provided by The producers and deemed safe with blanks in it. Does that remind anybody of the movie Crow where the same thing happened and another movie with I believe Jackie Chan in it. You think these movie producers and companies would have learned something by now. Proves my point they really don’t even care about their actors because it’s all about the money, not protecting their actors and actresses a safe environment or weapons

  • wily wascal 2 years ago

    Frank Herbert’s Dune series was truly engrossing sci-fi reading. What, no mention of the worms here?

  • Xspot box 2 years ago

    Here is what i would do in place of this movie crew, including and specially the director. Please ask Mr. Lynch if you could come and visit him on his ranch for a few days, talk about serious stuff for a bit, you know, the general things about cinema craft, arts and spirituality. Then perhaps something good can come from sequels, admired for decades by millions of fans around the globe who still remembers meaningful story, powerful dialogs, epic scenes, dark, surreal atmosphere, hand made special effects and brilliant acting from his movie.


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