Paris Hilton’s Memories Of “The Simple Life” | Literally! with Rob Lowe

Published on June 30, 2022

Paris recalls having her phone confiscated and sneaking out to go to “cowboy bars” with her “Simple Life” co-star Nicole Richie.

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  • Silver 7 months ago

    She hasn’t aged at all

  • NamasayaGwen 7 months ago


  • Ron P. 7 months ago

    She’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Gary Turbo 7 months ago

    I rather talk about One Night In Paris, that was the best movie she did

  • My electric magnetic impuls. 7 months ago

    Rich peoples life dont matter.

  • Jaime Barba 7 months ago

    Goddamn she aged nicely

  • GrandAdmThrawn 7 months ago

    Promoting trash. gg team coco

  • Ken Scott 7 months ago

    “simple life” was actually pretty funny. Hate to say it… lol

  • SAKA 7 months ago

    lol, smile, couldnt better, great life, and lik it was like omg…!!!! victim!!! where would YOU be if you werent born rich??? lol

  • No, I am someone else 7 months ago

    Wait…where is this Rob Lowe searching for UFOs tv show? I would binge watch that now

  • King_Kendorjia 7 months ago

    “I’d never been on camera before…”
    Certain websites tell a different story. 🤐🤣

  • Happy Dog 7 months ago

    Love her or hate her she is gorgeous. And yes that’s important she’s a woman women are sex objects to men men are success objects to women it’s nature enjoy.

  • Johnnn 7 months ago

    Paris is actually a great person contrary to how the press had portrayed her over the years. Sure she had her lows, we all do but at the end of the day she’s here looking and doing fine as ever unlike some other stars who had their falls and still can’t seem to get it together till today.

  • Boomer Assasin 7 months ago

    Hey Robby, it’s 2022 quit using your webcam from 1984. 😂👀 Jesus! Your tech dude has you all set up with sound proof walls and a pro mic so wth did he give you a 40 dollar camera ? lmao, I’ll give you my Canon m200 if you need a loaner.


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