McDonald’s Exits Russia As World Pummels Putin Economically | Stop Trying To Make ‘Z’ Happen

Published on March 9, 2022

Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine is trying to turn the letter ‘Z’ into a symbol of domestic support for his war in Ukraine, but his government can’t hide the fact that the world’s economic war against Russia is succeeding, as evidenced by major brands like McDonalds and Coca-Cola pulling out of the country at lightning speed. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Will Grandbois 2 years ago

    Props for actually going with “I WANT YOU FOR U.S. ARMY” in Wingdings.

  • redact7 2 years ago

    Handsome=Colbert in that suit

  • Magnus Nygaard 2 years ago

    9:11 Fantastic punchline…

  • Zero Requiem 2 years ago

    Pretty sure McDonald’s has indirectly killed more than this war ever could.

  • iconoclad 2 years ago

    Refreshing, again no Trump bashing.

  • wirehyperspace 2 years ago

    the Z stands for Zionist, Menachem Begin was and Russian Zionist youth camp jew, and no one really has an ear for their oil crises, it’s just another way of yelling Hitler to get what they want and that is all the healthy top parts e=mc2, so they can expect us to eat shit and die, it’s a chicken shit way of a free land grab without going in space , because a dead man tell no tales and a ho ho ho and a bottle of rum – and story is that they hide, is no one likes, the being king David over everybody kosher meal prices tax us to death

  • clever username 2 years ago

    I hope the Russian people know that their army bombed a maternity hospital in Ukraine. I hope they’re disgusted and appalled. Maybe one of them will grow a pair and deal with the one man who wants this needless war.
    Russia, your country is doing what Germany did in WW2. Russia, you have become the Nazis.

  • simon postle 2 years ago

    World war z

  • Mary K 2 years ago

    Looks like Putin needed his own version of swastika. Couldn’t use the old one because of copyright reasons.

  • MatPanda PandaMat 2 years ago

    funny,.. since the nato and all western nations are the real aggressors here, ignoring nuclear parity and putting rockets right on russias doorstep for years…
    and now we dare to blame russia for lashing out
    oh and GJ for those businesses pulling out of russia… for it hurts the people! the ones who can do nothing about russias politics! VERY HUMANE
    for gods sake.. just let the bombs drop and get rid of our delusional society – good riddance

  • Caponeson1 2 years ago

    Now all I can think of with this Z, is that Putin is changing into his final form…… Lord Zedd

  • Kurtis Visser 2 years ago

    And only nazis I see in the world i at my point of view is the Russian leader president Vladimir Putin and how attack Ukraine is how the first Hitler did in ww2 is president Vladimir P Hitler did two weeks ago

  • drekpaprika 2 years ago

    So let me get this straight: according to you, Russia is worse off because they will no longer have access to brain damaging western social media and because they will not be able to consume American fast food – the reason why everybody on this planet knows about the beauty of American women right? 😉 Russia has all the essentials and is an industrial economy, while the US is a service based economy. And you just cut out your services to a large chunk of the globe. Hahaha. The cognitive dissonance is staggering. All the sanctions on Russia will have the opposite effect. They children will not be brain washed by social media. Their health will not be impaired by toxic fast food. Middle class Americans on the other hand…

  • Victoria Alfred-Smythe 2 years ago

    Without Comedians, We would all be dead

  • Roger 2 years ago

    Despotic Putin=Putzin

  • Анатолий Серебренников 2 years ago

    I hope US actions are not based on emotions and won’t hurt further dominance. Russia has all chemical elements of Mendeleev’s table, they can live without your cola.

  • Zenni Millano 2 years ago

    Do you know what Zoophiles and Putin have in common? They both love harming animals and children and also love ruining the letter “Z” for everyone!

  • old grey cat 2 years ago

    Blue Z with yellow halo. Go for it!

  • Claudia Kenworthy 2 years ago

    Z=Zip It!!


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