Paris Hilton Canceled on President Biden to Attend Britney Spears’ Wedding

Published on June 30, 2022

Paris talks to guest host Chelsea Handler about how much she admires her, falling in love during the pandemic and getting married, going on a very long honeymoon, cancelling on President Biden to attend Britney Spears’ wedding, her love of dogs, being excited to have children, her sister Nicki getting ready to have a baby any day now, and she gifts Chelsea with a new tracksuit.


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  • Joe Garfield 1 year ago

    Chelsea rules.

  • Mr. Imperfect 1 year ago

    Paris has two different voices: the bimbo voice and her normal voice.

  • XY-Dracht Enterprises 1 year ago

    her legs are scary though

  • Fahad Ju 1 year ago

    Did she change her voice ? During the interview she went back and forth , has anyone noticed ?

  • satan uwu 1 year ago

    Jimmy looks different here

  • violetgurl80s 1 year ago

    Both Paris and Britney are Republicans. The Hilton and Trump are super close also Britney invited Trump in one of her 2002 concert she also voted for him in 2016.

  • debby fronke 1 year ago

    what gets me is all these women 41,42 kourtney,Britney ,now paris..think their bodies are just going pop out babies as they hit mid-40s,and at 53 or so they got 9 and 10 year olds running around-thank God their dripping in money to hire 20 something year olds nannies to actually take care of them..oh,and change diapers too! cameron diaz at 50-with a toddler-says shes living till 105-their money can buy alot…but not youth-they are all aging-like it or not-theres not any ob-gyn thats would say its safe to start making babies at their ages!


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