Nicolas Cage on Urban Legends About Him, Buying a Two-Headed Snake & Incredible Night Gambling

Published on April 21, 2022

Nicolas talks about this being his first talk show appearance in 14 years, choosing his outfit for the show, living in Las Vegas, turning $20 into $20,000 in under 30 minutes while he was gambling in the Bahamas, buying a two-headed snake, having a pet crow, his new movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, the director Tom Gormican being obsessed with him, and Jimmy asks him whether some legendary Nicolas Cage myths are true or not.

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  • humblecharlie 2 months ago

    I always watch his movies. Even the bad ones. Jason Statham is another.. I hope Cage gets to play Elon Musk. I think he can really get the crazy vibe that Musk has.

  • Francine 2 months ago

    Nic Cage is one of my all time favorite actors. He’s so real. Nothing phonty about him!

  • Mama Duck 2 months ago

    I love him. You couldn’t pay me to watch some of his films, but I love him.

  • ceevee7 2 months ago

    Loved this interview so much!!

  • Rubén Montoya 2 months ago

    Nicolas Cage LEGEND 💪

  • G M 2 months ago

    When Nick Cage had his house in Bath in the UK, a young lady dropped a note through his letterbox, asking if he would switch on the city’s Christmas lights. He could have given a hundred excuses as to why he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) but he accepted the offer and performed the ceremony. He went down a storm…

  • jackid1234 2 months ago

    Being John Malkovich is a movie with an actor playing himself so yes it has been done before but I’m sure N. Cage put a complete look y different spin on it.

  • NOAH CASAS 2 months ago


  • Tnijo O 2 months ago

    He said he’d come back ever week!!!! 😍🥰😀❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Everything Made Easier 2 months ago

    Nic Gage … star of the Mike Nesmith bio-pic.

  • Body Rot 2 months ago

    I could have used at least 3 more hours of this.

  • BriaN 2 months ago

    Him drinking water is even fascinating. Just fascinating.

  • MARKIEZ 2 months ago

    Nicolas The Man, The Myth, The Legend Cage.

  • Precinct 13 2 months ago

    I cant get enough of him. Im so happy to see him in awesome movies!

  • HeliRy 2 months ago

    He is such a delightful weirdo lol

  • MFSlots 2 months ago

    man deserves to be back in blockbusters again

  • JO J 2 months ago

    I haven’t even started playing the video I already clicked the like button. It’s Nicolas Cage!!!! Love this guy!

  • Marie Betty Davis 2 months ago

    I watched a preview of the movie on Monday. OMG it’s hilarious 😂😂

  • Deep Cut Reactions 2 months ago

    I don’t know why people knock him for the movies he’s done or for how much he works. It’s weird — it’s the only industry I can think of where LOVING your job and wanting to work are often times met with criticism. The dude just LOVES making movies and he doesn’t really care if it turns out bad or good -it’s the process for him. Now obviously he has also said that he has needed to work because he owes a lot of taxes, but either way, I’ve been on a movie set multiple times and I too enjoy it. It’s just FUN. I’d work on a set every single day too if I could.

  • nootrac goose 2 months ago


  • Kelly Richards 2 months ago

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