Nick Kroll Apologizes to His Parents for Roasting Them in His Stand-Up

Published on September 28, 2022

Nick Kroll talks about his son asking for high-fives from strangers and using his parents as material for his comedy.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • New Message 12 months ago

    I feel for him… Finding a child size leather gimp mask must be difficult.

  • Stories Not Stuff SNS 12 months ago


  • Edward Elizabeth Hitler 12 months ago

    If your day is ruined by bikers riding past you really need to give yourself a shake.

  • S. Pociecha 12 months ago

    “There’s something very cool and noble about comedy.”

  • Bair Mendoza 12 months ago

    To this day my friends and I send each other AMEEEZING gifs because Liz and Liz are icons. #PublizityForever

  • black bird 12 months ago

    *IF you haven’t seen it ”Operation Finale” is a movie based on the kidnapping and trial of Adolph Eichmann in which Nick Kroll plays a Mossad agent. It’s a good film and Nick can actually act, he’s very good.

  • 🐰 angela 🐰 12 months ago

    my favorite youtuber. always staying out of drama. always caring for their fans. always keeping it real with their fans. giving back to their fans. thank you.

  • Sadus Attack 12 months ago

    Nobody cares about Nick. The ONLY person we want interviewed is the Sea Captain!!

  • Darci Cole 12 months ago

    What kind/brand of guitar are we hearing in Nick’s entrance music? I believe we hear it in Seth’s theme song also. So nice!

  • Snacks 12 months ago

    The guitar intro here was 10/10


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