Monologue: Operation GTFO | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 27, 2021

Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including the frantic evacuation from Afghanistan and California’s looming recall election.

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  • Silly Billy 1 year ago

    You’re right bill, this exit was definitely ass backwards. Especially since trumps plan was to have civilians out first and then the troops. All Biden had to do was follow it. This was a massive blunder that could have easily been avoided. It’s time for Biden to resign, we need better leadership.

  • The Peanut Vendor 1 year ago

    Funny cause 12 marines are dead but we can look past that cause we’re pussy liberals

  • nobody exceptme 1 year ago

    lol georgia republicans so lost. They really think black ppl gonna vote for Herschel Walker…..he been labeled a sellout for a decade and his son gets blasted even worse on social media for his idiotic takes. Only ppl voting for Herschel are old white conservatives that want to feel progressive.

  • Anung Un Rama 1 year ago

    The Americans in Afghanistan knew the troops were pulling out by the end of August. Why the fuck were they still there when the troops pulled out? It’s not like they didn’t have ample warning!

  • motodudu 1 year ago

    Body count from blast in Kabul 92 including 13 US Servicemen, heart wrenching images of bodies of men, women and children torn by the blast. Yet pockets of America just carries on and jokes about this pull out, aren’t you feeling for your guys and girls out there ? Just not seeing a united somber moment. What have you become, why has your hearts grown so cold American?

  • Maxine Freeman 1 year ago

    And speaking of Jeopardy…..To the Sony Corporation, or whoever owns the show. Name Ken Jennings as host. To all the Woke, Twitter Mob, I want a host. I don’t want them to pick a pastor for my church.

  • JL Main 1 year ago

    Sorry, I had to turn it off…

  • Dirk Gently 1 year ago

    I hope Bill give his writers a bonus after this last week. Not a job I would like.

  • stuart penman 1 year ago

    how many Americans did you get out?

  • Susan Kay 1 year ago

    This is one of your best monologues in awhile Bill, Congrats

  • Steven Holmes 1 year ago

    I like bill but this is to tragic to laugh at.

  • Karma Yt 1 year ago

    War is a racquet. Stop the corruption. Save the American taxpayers. GTFO!!!

  • Joshua Brown 1 year ago

    Thank you bill maher. This is what the right is pissed about. Its bs. No man left behind. Civilians first then military. Its sucks because our military was weakened under obama. I know that some women want to serve but unless youre an extremely athletic women and an acception amongst men, then the military is not where you belong. Too many people enlist because they dont know what yo do in life and so they pay for college and training and such. Look women are not as effective as men overall or in general even though there are some women who can beat the shit out of a man. Theres no question women can be tough. We dont want women to experience this kind of darkeness.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 1 year ago

    The recall candidates make me like Newsom unnecessarily better.

  • j 1 year ago

    I thought the patriarchy was about women having sex with a man for money. it’s not like millennials invented porn and are the only ones on there

  • Greg Dejongh 1 year ago

    Real cute. What a disgree. Bill you need to get new comedy writers. My POTUS has a bill to pass. And your writers come up with GTFO. I’m just saying….

  • Unknown 1 year ago

    It was always going to be a mess when the US left, because the Taliban and other jihadist terrorists were never defeated—they were just waiting, evidenced by how easily the country was overrun. And now they also have all the Afghan national army’s weapons. Obama and Trump promised they’d leave, but never did. Biden just kept his, and their promise. Americans aren’t happy because it’s a very public display of their 20-year failure. It’s easier to blame Biden for HOW he left; it becomes his failure, his defeat, not the country’s. But it just would have been the same failure and defeat whenever it happened, eg like last Christmas.

  • Miguelits Milton 1 year ago

    CA comedians and their elite are gonna laugh themselves and liberal themselves to a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah only without a hand of God in it.

  • Scott 1 year ago

    A trump deal and military decision at its finest.

  • Cynthia Kozikowski 1 year ago

    Bill Maher needs to STFU. Trump made the deal. This started with George W Bush.


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