What Conan Missed Most About Sona | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on October 21, 2021

After giving birth to twin boys, Sona is back in the podcast studio and Conan is finally back to slapping snacks out of her hands.

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  • Behind the lines 7 months ago

    The bro sis vibe 🤗

  • Adrenalin Edge 7 months ago

    As soon as food was mentioned my first thought was how far did it fly. We should help Sona come up with something to do to Conan like slap the glasses off his face… Lol

  • MD WAJAHAT 7 months ago

    Conan is so white without Makeup

  • chinmaya pattnaik 7 months ago

    Other Podcasters : We need famous people to be in our show to get views…
    Meanwhile Conan : Hold my Assistant and her Assistant…

  • BeeLi BaaLa 7 months ago

    Not American, does Conan still have a show? Does he still go on overseas trip with Jordan?

  • Paulo Capelo 7 months ago


  • Bon Bon 7 months ago

    Conan is a 10-year-old kid stuck in a body of a 193 cm, 58yo Irish full-grown man haha.

  • taputechnic 7 months ago

    Does the Mayberry reference have something to do with the old Don Knotts show?

  • nans stan fan 7 months ago

    How come there’s video to this? Anytime I listened to the podcast I could only find audio of it

  • Tori Sloane 7 months ago

    “You think you just because you gave birth to two babies you get to come in here and treated differently.” in that tone!

    And Mayberry RDF!!!!

  • Chad Headley 7 months ago

    Love how Conan is relentless with knocking food out of Sona’s hand.

  • Jordan Kelly 7 months ago

    Sona looks amazing. Conan is the goat, you guys are the dynamic duo the world needs. Every crazy loud person needs a quiet more reserved friend

  • JamesDi 7 months ago

    Conan is pretty sociopathic. All these “it was just a joke” must not be tolerated. He hurted her, and he didn’t apologize.

  • NAVEEN PANJWANI 7 months ago

    I was laughing my heart out, when conan mentioned the smacking the bar out of Sona’s hand; Like 5 minutes after he meets him after a long time.

  • Ayush Sharma 7 months ago

    *Nice of them to give her a better camera as a maternity gift.*

  • Michael Kelly 7 months ago

    Is that new Kendrick Lamar album coming out tonight, Conan?

  • Low Key Sound System 7 months ago

    Guess Conan isn’t lying whenever he proclaims, “I’m such an ass.”.

  • Bob Hilton 7 months ago

    This is one thing that Conan needs to stop doing. Wasting food is disrespectful to Sona and the people who work hard to make the food. Once he slaps it onto the ground, it’s dirty, and you can’t eat it anymore. If he’s slapping away office supplies like he did in his staff performance reviews (https://youtu.be/gYgveD5B-V0), then that’s fine, because they can always pick them up and use them again. You can’t do that with dirty food. If you ever work on a farm or a kitchen, then you know how it breaks your heart to see people wasting food. You work so hard to make it, and you wish that the leftovers can go to someone else, especially a homeless person who is hungry.

    Conan: Please consider stopping this bit. It’s really not funny.

  • fdafdsa fdsafdsa 7 months ago

    Conan needs a show

  • TJ Srisawat 7 months ago

    I just know that Conan is 100percent sona ‘s children godfather


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