Michael Cera Thought His Hotel Room Was Haunted | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published on October 15, 2021

(Original airdate: 09/30/08) Michael Cera discusses screening “Superbad” in Italy, his haunting experience with a hotel room speakerphone, and getting recognized in Toronto.

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  • spider boy sj 7 months ago

    Love you

  • clockwork orange 7 months ago

    It was probably hotel staff that wanted to listen in on a celebrity lol.

  • canned soup 7 months ago

    micheal cera is jesse eisenberg in another dimension

  • Andrew Tumaneng 7 months ago

    Where’s Hugh Grant.

  • Devin Michael Roberts 7 months ago

    Very weird thing use to happen to me where outside elevators would come to my floor and open for me without me calling the button all the time. We had an outside elevator in seattle built in the 50’s one of the first elevators ever built in seattle before the space needle even. I would leave my apartment and see it coming down the tower even though no one on my floor called it.. i’d walk around to the front of the elevator and like clock work it would magically stop on my floor and open for me right as i approached without even pressing the button. Found out it did that for almost everyone in the building despite being built before tech like that exists. I dont even think it exists now in fact. It would have to be a censor that goes off when you open your apartment door and calls the elevator automatically to your floor.

  • lol z 7 months ago

    omg he told this story on the a24 podcast!

  • •Powerful BSW Experience 7 months ago

    lol kat dennings’ character is violent & abusive

  • Arkeeny 7 months ago

    A throat punch is a low blow when low blows aren’t available.

  • Human Rights 7 months ago


  • Adam Hunt 7 months ago

    The 🐐

  • Peter Huang 7 months ago

    love this guy from super bad

  • The Meat 7 months ago

    Some Italian should kick Conan’s ass for that impression. I’m sure it wouldn’t work if he was using African-American vernacular.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs 7 months ago

    micheal cera is jesse eisenberg in another dimension

  • Johnny Cage 7 months ago

    Conan rulz all of Conzania. If blandness were a traffic hazard, he would be the Cone Zone that directs passerby’s to the funny lane.

  • Michael Morrison 7 months ago

    Michael Cera is one weird and strange dude!


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