“Like Time Travel” – Sam Waterston On Becoming Jack McCoy Again For “Law & Order”

Published on February 26, 2022

“Law & Order” is returning to NBC and Sam Waterston is resuming his role as attorney Jack McCoy. Listen as he tells Stephen about walking onto the new set for the first time, and stick around for more from the legendary Sam Waterston! #Colbert #LawAndOrder #SamWaterston

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  • a24396 2 years ago

    Sam is one of the best actors out there, and it turns out he’s also a terrific person too. What a delightful person!

  • Deenu Lazarus 2 years ago

    I thought he was author of the cartoon strip… Calvin and Hobbs… Right!!! It’s Bill Waterson

  • Vanadyan 2 years ago

    When this show went off the air over 10 years ago I looked like a totally different person, meanwhile the cast looks like they took a 3 week break.

  • marie kastler 2 years ago

    Such a lovely interview! Stephen was So nurturing and gentle.
    Love the shout out to Prop Masters, Set Design, et alis.
    Continuity on this must have been a doozy!

  • Jackie Ciser 2 years ago

    My heart soars with the eagle’s nest watching this video.

  • Miranda 2 years ago

    Law and Order is such a comfort show for me. I think I have seen every episode multiple times. I was so excited to see it come back. Can’t wait to see the new characters develop. Jack is the man!

  • Dan 2 years ago

    Why Law & Order was ever cancelled is anyones guess.

  • Clare Hennelly 2 years ago

    I watched The Killing Fields for the first time a couple days ago and was floored by his performance. Extraordinary actor.

  • Mimi 78 2 years ago

    His work in the newsroom was top shelf

  • Veronica Varela 2 years ago

    He looks soo good!

  • Bryan McGucken 2 years ago

    Oh, my mom would have been thrilled! She had a bit of a crush on Sam. Which her teenagers found amusing.

  • carschmn 2 years ago

    This is such a cute interview.

  • pavanatanaya 2 years ago

    He has come a long way from Rancho DeLuxe

  • SupergirlOnFire6 2 years ago

    Sam Waterson is gonna get nominated for another Emmy.

  • Rodrigo Marquez 2 years ago

    Sam legend

  • Richard Sedding 2 years ago

    Sam Waterston is still mighty impressive at 81, well done sir, I’ve enjoyed watching L&O on catchup for years, thank you for making more episodes!

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    Such a lovely man..


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