Law Enforcement Officers Back Trump at Michigan Campaign Event

Published on April 4, 2024

Seth addresses officers standing behind Trump during his speech in Michigan, Krispy Kreme’s special glazed donut in honor of the total solar eclipse and more in his monologue for Wednesday, April 3, before taking a closer look at Trump and his supporters once again trying to rewrite history.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • @fredeagle3912 1 month ago

    This is just the stuff you should be worried about. A paramilitary organisation who’s loyalty is to a cult figure.

  • @MajorWolf72 1 month ago

    Law enforcement should stay out of politics. Politics, especially in the U.S. transports a certain image of humanity. Hard to not being prejudiced when you support a certain political view.

  • @Eliteswanteverything 1 month ago

    Shame on Democrats voters , how dare you!!! Trump is going to turn America into the Gaza Strip..ffs, you dummies

  • @thaphreak 1 month ago

    Why does everyone keep acting like PUSA has command over the Israeli government/military.. it’s just idiocy

  • @l.fontijne7721 1 month ago

    Trump complaining about weaponizing the DOJ takes revenge by weaponizing law enforcement.

  • @jaimejames13 1 month ago

    Idiot cops ignore the fact that Trump DGAF about them, just like all of his other cult-followers

  • @trevorhensley3185 1 month ago


  • @chrislaurenceleo 1 month ago

    Those police supporting trump need to be sacked. There is zero trump policy that they can support and still be a police officer

  • @winner_joiner 1 month ago

    I Love that late night parts are posted on youtube, but why this “shameless” double post of the partly same content. 😉 YES the “algorithm” likes longer videos, but if you the most drop off after the first few minutes it is also not good, for the “algorithm” . Just think on the retention time. Or post the double content first, and later only the closer look, for the purists. 🙂 I know the sweet sweet youtube money is needed for the props (especially podcast cards), graphics, ebay soda-can’s, bucks-laugh, pencils and negroni’s. Keep in mind the “algorithm” is like a good stalker it likes persistence🤑

  • @ronnyjames3406 1 month ago

    You cops are backing up a guy that wants to release insurrectionists that beat cops bloody. Disgraceful.

  • @scottybeck100 1 month ago

    All Trump supporting cops need to be investigated by IA.

  • @Volf1916 1 month ago

    Pay attention to those “officers” backing tRump.
    You will likely see them again on the news in November.
    During press interviews on why they seized voting machines and what they did with ballots in democratic majority districts.
    Not to say they have jurisdiction in those districts. Just that they will be the ones asked why they did what they did and what happened with the ballots involved.

  • @GIBKEL 1 month ago

    Have we all become just this dumb? How low and how slow?

  • @yowie369 1 month ago

    Nah Mate, that Australian accent is straight outta Simpsons episode.
    Keep practicing…😅

  • @lesliefleury2610 1 month ago

    Seth needs a whole new writing team. His monologue and Closer Look have gone downhill. Silly jokes, bad impressions…. He used to be so sharp and funny.

  • @ronanmckeown9785 1 month ago

    Like many, I’m unhappy with Biden’s pandering to Israel over Gaza. On the plus side, at least he didn’t give the job of securing peace in the Middle East to Jared feckin Kushner.

  • @Satsujinki1973 1 month ago

    How did I not know that Sarah-Huckabee Sanders, the sister of a probable serial killer, cheated her way into a governorship?

  • @Bridgeman-bg4jl 1 month ago

    The jack booted thugs need to loose their jobs.

  • @jester_1973 1 month ago

    A ceasefire deal would quite literally be negotiating with terrorists. Not to mention giving them time to regroup and rearm. The US wouldn’t do that, so why expect Israel to? Get a grip.

  • @satori3000 1 month ago

    Keep in mind that Michigan police are the ones that assaulted a senior protesting police brutality, Knocking him to the ground and giving him a concussion and breaking bones. He posed absolutely no issue to anyone.


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