Laufey – From The Start

Published on November 17, 2023

Laufey performs the song From The Start on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

About Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy®-nominated “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” ABC’s late-night talk show. Some of Kimmel’s most popular comedy bits include “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” “Lie Witness News,” “Unnecessary Censorship,” “Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge,” and music videos like “I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.”

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  • Damon Hines 6 months ago

    Haunting. Beautifully constructed and performed. 😊❤

  • thea 6 months ago

    AAAAA I’m so glad she got to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Live!! She deserves a lot for her music, all we can do is support her throughout. Love you Laufey!

  • anneshshsh 6 months ago


  • marijen 6 months ago

    Laufey on Jimmy Kimmel again!! THE GRAMMY NOMINEE LAUFEY ON JIMMY KIMMEL AGAIINN!! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

  • Andrew 6 months ago

    Yeah maverick

  • Park Walnut 6 months ago

    She’s gotten so far in her music career, blessing us with her music😭💕. I’ve been listening to her for a few years now and I must say I’m so happy for her success!! Happy to be a Lauver<33

  • Bob Bobby 6 months ago

    From lullabies with Laufey every Sunday to Jimmy Kimmel, what a journey!

  • Caleboop 6 months ago

    I need this production on spotify!!!

  • Thomas Stiglich 6 months ago

    I watched her play to a few hundred on Instagram a year or more ago. Now she is Grammy nominated and on Kimmel. Couldn’t happen to a better person / talent.

  • Callum 36 6 months ago

    Laufey is my favorite singer ever ❤ I’m really happy they had her again, With “like the movies” and now “from the start” ! She’s a wonderful person and incredible live or recording!

  • Rex Maximilian 6 months ago

    I remember watching her IG channel during the pandemic. She only had a modest number of followers back then, but you knew she was destined for a great career. I remember during Christmas 2020 she had a little holiday concert at her computer singing Christmas songs with Julia joining in on violin. Man, she’s come a long way!

  • Krizia A 6 months ago

    Sorry proud of my queen ❤

  • Mark Michael 6 months ago

    Patrick Bartley to his stream on Laufey (excerpts):

    “Why do we have to be saving jazz when you could take the opposite side of it and save pop? Leave jazz alone! Jazz been out here! It don’t need no saving. There’s plenty of people young and old that are playing this music.

    You want to complain about something? Complain about the constant four-chord nonsense ad nauseum… Laufey doesn’t have to save jazz. Laufey is in a position to change the entire trajectory of pop music. But we’re here. We’re here now because the industry decides that she’s not ‘pop enough’ to be pop. But she could save pop music!

    Instead of pointing all the fingers at Laufey for like being like ‘dishonest about jazz’…, we need to take we just zoom out and start possibly putting a positive spin on this thing to encourage her and all her fans to take a war against pop music instead of jazz.

    I think we got to be supporting Laufey. I actually like Laufey’s music. I think it’s beautiful. I think her music is killing. If anything, we need to be taking the perspective of, “Hey let’s boost Laufey’s music in the pop circuit so that all of us can be in peace and harmony.” That way, we’re not fighting over if it’s jazz. Cuz clearly she ain’t going out the jazz clubs. She’s not going out and hanging with the cats. This could be a pop music offensive! This would be killing!

    This would then at that point not be about ‘saving jazz’ but about ‘now, jazz musicians have room to enter the pop space because the future music listeners are now getting used to these sounds!’

    So instead of thinking small… like we’re bringing people into jazz, we can actually quite literally reverse the trajectory of the what’s been happening over the past 80 years since World War II.

    This can be the start! This sound is… becoming popular again! You can change pop music. You don’t got to be changing jazz.

    Let’s change pop music! That can be the the perspective. Imagine that. You want to save something? Save pop. Hello?”

  • Giuseppe LoGiurato 6 months ago

    This is what I’d expect to hear in the waiting room at a Brazilian plastic surgeon’s office… It’s just elevator music with words. Nothing bad about it, but nothing great either. It’s just, “blah” and inoffensive. It’s nice, but it’s nothing new or innovative.

  • Giuseppe LoGiurato 6 months ago

    I’d rather listen to Yma Sumac.

  • SAUSSY 6 months ago

    Eba mais um

  • Giuseppe LoGiurato 6 months ago

    The “singular name” thing has been done to death … (Sorry young lady, but Cher and Lulu and Madonna beat you to it, lol) 😂

    She calls herself “Laufey”, but it’s not pronounced as it’s spelled, which is annoying. Her real name is probably something normal like “Mary” or “Anne”, but NO, she has to be special… I’m not impressed.

    Just another one of those breathy foreign-ish chick-singers with silly lyrics and a pretty face (A la “Lisa Loeb” or “Frente” from the 90’s). She’s ok, I guess; I might enjoy her music more if I was a 17 year old girl.

  • coffeeby 6 months ago

    i was there!! 🥹🥹💕💕💕

  • AficionadoKO 6 months ago

    She plays chello in the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.

  • Shibaverse 6 months ago

    She made it!!! And she’s perfect in every way imaginable


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