Late Show Me More: Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and PUPPIES

Published on October 23, 2021

Did we mention Nick Offerman, Issa Rae, H.E.R., Charlamagne Tha God, Andie MacDowell, Adam Schiff AND Kacey Musgraves? Those superstars were all here too! Head backstage with us for an extra special episode of #LateShowMeMore #Colbert #BehindTheScenes

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  • Peter Hagan 2 years ago

    adorabe fur babies

  • SensationalBanana 2 years ago

    Nick Offerman and puppies.

    The perfect recipe for happiness has been found.

  • Kiumars [Iranian Kurd] 2 years ago

    Aren’t dogs and pigs considered filthy in Judaism?

  • Haggielady 2 years ago

    I’m glad Issa didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction.

  • hup lim oon 2 years ago

    It’s always great with dogs around!

  • David Kempton 2 years ago

    All our dogs have been rescue animals, they are wonderful pets. If YOU want a dog, please be a good boy and consider adopting a rescue animal, they are SO appreciative!

  • John Paul 2 years ago

    I think the pandemic have really thought people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security

  • Craig Alibocas 2 years ago

    Aren’t you outside of the kingdom of Heaven?
    As the Word says, dogs are without the gates of Heaven

  • Margo 2 years ago

    Wait, was that Adam Schiff tapping his foot to the music? Didn’t think he had it in him!

  • ML R 2 years ago

    My favorite part of that – besides the puppies of course – was Adam’s leg moves lol.


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