Kids and Social Media | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • therealclevinger 1 year ago

    “Waiting for the Man” was a Velvet Underground song, not a David Bowie song.

  • Brian Carpenter 1 year ago

    Libtards want to be all about SCIENCE but deny simple biology. Male. Female. Reproduction. But science doesn’t apply to Libtards. No way. Yall are cute and the exception.

  • lonewulf44 1 year ago

    Somehow my school demanded we couldn’t even chew gum, for some reason schools allow phones with all their problems. Seems like grabbing the phones in the morning and returning in the afternoon would solve a lot of problems.

  • Nicholas Dunbar 1 year ago

    My parents wouldn’t allow me to have video games in the 80s. All my friends had them. I learned instead to write my own programs on my computer. I’m not an engineer.

  • Megalopagus 1 year ago

    My 13 year old has never had social media and she’s had her phone since she was 9 for safety reasons.

    As a high school teacher, I think this decision to not allow any social media was my best decision. I find it easy though to model this because I had a FB account for maybe 3 years before deleting it in 2015, and never opened accounts on any other platforms.

    My niece posts her baby daughter on insta all the time and I have tried to show her articles about how those posts can and likely will be exploited by someone and her daughter will one day dislike that that was done to her without her permission.

  • Beak Fish 1 year ago

    Shes a good mom!

  • Aaron Beasley 1 year ago

    Ok boomer

  • Professional Editing 1 year ago

    “For me? NO”

  • Andrew Thomas 1 year ago

    We need to stop blaming social media, the government, technology, or some other “group” and realise our own hand in what we haves down.

  • Naticzka Kamińska 1 year ago

    I’m 35 and I hate most social media. Yes, there is a positive side of social media (Internet in general) not only negative but overall, now, it’s really harmful stuff up there. Looking back, it’s also pretty shocking to me that Facebook took over in full, only in 2009. It’s just over a decade yet social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram changed our world forever. But I’m happy my generation didn’t have to deal with it all, growing up.

  • buzzfunk 1 year ago

    All i can say is this: I am soooo glad i grew up in the 80s and 90s with real experiences. Back when watching a movie was an event. Back when you went record hunting with your friends. Or just sat with the clique having pizza. No one cared if anyone outside your clique liked or disliked you. Social media was supposed to bring people together instead it did the exact opposite and created a false reality. I feel sorry for todays kids.

  • Ecclesia 1 year ago

    Very nice analogy she gave. Social media being like going out your front door, into the grocery store, and shouting: ‘does everyone like me? Like my dress? My face? Yes?! NO!? Well fuck you!’ I will start using her analogy more often.

  • Scott Lee Clayton 1 year ago

    I thought wow!! That’s amazing she hasnt given her kids access to social media accounts and smart tech!!…. then you hear they are 8 and fucking 9!!!?? Wow you were in the trenches there lady! You won that war hahaha Jesus give me a break.

  • Dee Ess 1 year ago

    My daughter is 14. We couldn’t believe giving her a phone or allowing her on social media. She has a cell phone in which only my wife can call. People allow their children younger than this to have a phone? Why?

  • Tim Loss 1 year ago

    Correction: For her Nanny, No. Its incredibly hard as a parent to not give in to social media in some form. Anyone that says different either does parent that much or is delusional to their kids feelings and wants.


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