Keep the Health Opinions to Yourself, Canada

Published on January 20, 2023

James is in a good mood and when Harrison Ford comes up in conversation, he remembers the night he saw him backstage when “The History Boys” were on Broadway. And we look at headlines about the debt ceiling, the French retirement age, a massive pay day for Flo-Rida and a couple who locked themselves in their dog cages. And Canada has some advice about alcohol that we didn’t ask for.

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  • Anthony Bran 11 months ago

    My life has changed Thank you Jesus.$32,000 weekly profit Our lord God have lifted up my Life!!!, Glory to the everlasting God Almighty.

  • MaVieMTL 11 months ago

    Canadian here. I agree 😉

  • Pamela Stadden 11 months ago

    Ouch. Hello from Canada

  • eLLe Booggie 11 months ago

    Maybe FLO RIDA can PAY KESHA the money HE OWES HER now.

  • Adam Potter 11 months ago

    It’s nice to see that he isn’t too “bougie” to clean up his own spit take. Don’t get me wrong, he is still way too bougie but still… He didn’t demand his staff clean it

  • Flo R 11 months ago

    My dogs could have gotten out of those crates faster.

  • Mat Broomfield 11 months ago

    This show lost a lot when James stopped interacting with the band all the time.

  • Ricky LaFleur 11 months ago

    *Hey James! Keep you health opinions to yourself & shove your “vaccine” song and dance up your ass.*

  • Lorrie 11 months ago

    I love the crate bit!

  • Lennie Davis 11 months ago

    We don’t even listen to our own government here in Canada. We think they’re all nuts! lol


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