Judd Apatow Had to Write a Love Scene for His Wife and David Duchovny

Published on April 6, 2022

Judd Apatow talks about interviewing comedians for his book Sicker in the Head, celebrating 25 years of marriage to Leslie Mann and the best way to watch The Bubble.

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  • Clari CS 12 months ago

    It took me 3 days to watch The Bubble 😔😣 and I just finished it cause I like Judd and Leslie … I don’t know what happened 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😢

  • Ricardo Caiano 12 months ago

    Judd Apatow got into movie making so he could watch dudes with his wife. She’s literally in everything he’s made.

  • Sea_Triscuit 12 months ago

    Bubble was amazing haha I loved all the characters too which is very hard to do

  • PrimeNumber19 12 months ago

    They basically live out their kinks hidden in plain sight.

  • Sea_Triscuit 12 months ago

    “hey hun dial it back a bit, your character is enjoying this too much…”

  • Pvt TJ 12 months ago

    G. O. P. On. The. Snow. Train. 👃😝😎

  • GP 12 months ago

    So glad they used this sweet eyes scene. I laughed out loud during this part 🤣

    Also, Judd is secretly saying the key to a long and happy 25 year marriage.. is to share your wife 🤣

  • frog neckmen 12 months ago

    Judd and Burton have lucky wives. Any time they need work they just look over at their goofy looking husbands like Jada looked at will. Never have to audition again. Brilliant

  • Animaniac 1976 12 months ago

    I really liked The Bubble.
    Is it a really good movie? no.
    but it is exactly what it claims to be – fun.

  • Cancun771 12 months ago

    Is it me or does he look more like Ted Cruz every day?


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