Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Quinta Brunson with 6th Grade Teacher She Named Abbott Elementary After

Published on February 2, 2022

Quinta Brunson on the success of her new ABC show “Abbott Elementary,” incorporating a lot of Philadelphia references into it, Jimmy being one of the first fans of the show, the differences between working at the Apple Store in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and we tracked down the amazing 6th grade teacher that Quinta named “Abbott Elementary” after to surprise Quinta and congratulate Ms. Abbott on her retirement with a special gift.


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  • Mazzy G 6 months ago

    She looks so gorgeous! That dress is to die for

  • Pucci Lisenbee 6 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel you are the best! i couldn’t stop crying it brought back so many memories of my 6 grade teacher who by far changed my life.

  • lmhow1 6 months ago

    Mrs. Motley was my Mrs. Abbott. She lived in the same neighborhood as my Grandparents. We went to the same church. So I got to keep her in my life. Would go see her in the nursing home every week but with covid and now the weather. I can only talk to her on the phone or get updates from her daughter.

  • MsJoiBella 6 months ago

    Oh. my. goodness! That was just awesome….teachers matter. And they do make a difference. Bless her and teachers all over the world. Congratulations QB the show is awesome.

  • Fel Mor 6 months ago

    She should do a show on her experience working in the LA Apple store. I wanna hear more stories of all the wacko customers.

  • M 6 months ago

    Why am I crying wtf is wrong with me

  • Tremeshia Ellis 6 months ago

    Okay, this was EVERYTHING! I don’t know either of them, but I am smiling and crying simultaneously. I’ve been watching and sharing Quinta’s videos forever and always knew she’d be successful. Additionally, I think we all have our own Mrs. Abbott’s that made a difference in our lives. I am so happy she’s able to retire knowing she was such a positive influence on her students. Jimmy, I think I’m going to need a tissue too!

  • Trenita Harris 6 months ago

    Omgeeee!!!!!!! And Jimmy is a REAL ONE for that blessing! Teachers deserve blessings. When she actually retires, they’re probably just going to give her a paper weight or a gold pen!

  • k Smith 6 months ago

    Love all of this!! Very proud of her!!

  • Ian L 6 months ago

    Love her!!

  • Ian Farmer 6 months ago

    A LARGE?!

  • Nick Ro 6 months ago

    Go Canadian Freedom Truckers

  • Cressid Dabreo 6 months ago

    Congratulations to both!!!!! Mr. Jimmy Kimmel thank you for showing the teacher appreciation as well!!!!!

  • Dyferent 6 months ago

    I wish I wasn’t at work watching this. I had to hold back laughter, excited screams and tears 😊 love this show and this story. So sweet ☺️. The power of teachers man 😁

  • sugaryt37 6 months ago

    Best Show!!

  • Georgia Dennis 6 months ago

    Love this! So proud of Quinta, and I absolutely love Abbott Elementary!

  • DeShawn Hatcher 6 months ago

    I love this so much Teachers are amazing they shape us into who we are. We need to treat them better. Congrats Quinta and Mrs Abbott

  • breezenking 6 months ago

    This is one of your best interviews, if not the best. It’s captivating, fascinating, thrilling and sensational to see how shocked Miss Abbot was on camera.

  • Gaia Carney 6 months ago

    Quinta Brunson is a talented writer & comedian 💐 ‘Abbott Elementary’ is so funny & the characters are hilarious! She has created a CLASSIC ✨

  • Men's Dating Coach Harry Wilmington 6 months ago

    This is so great, and Jimmy is the best!


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