Jordan Klepper Finds Out if Democracy is Done For | The Daily Show

Published on September 23, 2023

43% of Americans think a Civil War is likely in the next 10 years. Jordan Klepper talks to Arizona liberals and conservatives, and Representative Adam Kinzinger to find out if Democracy is really doomed. #TDSThrowback #DailyShow #Comedy



  • victor bradshaw 5 months ago

    If they don’t believe in our government give their money to someone else the money is backed only by faith in our country do to Nixon removing us off the gold standard last time I thought he was republic

  • Skye A 5 months ago

    Oath keeper tshirts lol

  • Art Wise 5 months ago

    Republicans use African Americans as crash test dummies

  • BlueDirt-Tx Pro-Aggressive 5 months ago

    Best hope for the left is that the most obese, highest need for constant medical attention, highest rates if cancer/ heart disease a portion would collapse quarter mile in. 🎉😂

  • C S 5 months ago

    Straight up and honest, while shaking w rage and fear. Eesh 😬

  • Sandy Noblitt 5 months ago

    Who do you know that talks that way? Is that what they want? Do they know how the laws were changed after the first civil war? The wartime devastation of the South was great and poverty ensued; the incomes of White Americans dropped, but the income of the freedmen rose. All this talk about civil war not understanding the during, and after effects. Do you think things are bad now? Ha. War costs everyone everything, especially in a civil war. We have family and friends from all politics. Do you know who is who? Because I know of a lot of people who don’t even speak politically around many Republicans, especially the Maga party. Many! Many, many, many! Are you willing to risk the safety of your family members? Then, please stop putting that into people’s heads without them thinking of cause and effect to begin with and that is why they do that. They play off of your fears and it works as usual.

    I don’t know about you, I don’t hand out with people who are calling for a civil war, so who do talk with about that? Did you have mixed family members? Because you know who they are targeting right now as it is.

    Think people… Think!

  • Indian Tides 5 months ago

    Civil war is impossible. Why? You don’t understand the concept correctly. Certain kinds of violence? Yes. American state is too strong for allowing more than that.

  • Mellow Yellow 5 months ago

    “What’s so Civil about a War,” 😐

  • Stanley Bandos 5 months ago

    Who would want West Virginia except dentists

  • dumptrump 5 months ago

    Civil War? The republican conflict solution …. get your guns and take whatever you want. Ignorant morons. These are serial killers coming out from under their rocks.

  • Lizardguy NA 5 months ago

    These whiny reds think there’s a civil war coming because they are inciting it. As for dividing the states, let’s put all the Republicans in Florida and everyone else can have the rest of America in the rest of America.

  • Viper Fan 5 months ago

    I miss #sharpiegate

  • Shelley Anderson 5 months ago

    Love Kleppers conversations but this one is a little scary 😨

  • Nigel M 5 months ago

    Is it not fueled by this news about it , so self fulfilling talking points

  • Rard 5 months ago

    I’m from Europe and visited the Southern US for the first time this summer. I loved everyone there, but i did fly back to Europe with an ominous feeling. People live in such different realities, that it doesn’t need much anymore to rip the country apart.

  • Cold Campaign 5 months ago

    I did NOT expect that brother to sound like that. 😂😂😂

  • Chris Barry 5 months ago

    Civil war would be almost as one sided as an “extraterrestrial threat”… ok, not as bad but only idiots could believe theyd win in either

  • Richyrich 5 months ago

    But this is a repost though?

  • Christopher Bedford 5 months ago

    “I can stick you with a knife and not cry about it” – spoken while laughing about it. Either: –
    – that laugh was really the nervous giggle I thought it was, and he really will cry about it, like a 12-year-old girl, for the rest of his life, or
    – he’s s psychopath

    BTW is “military training” _supposed_ to make you automatically able to stick someone with a knife and not cry about it? Or is it just him who took only that away from his basic training?

  • RC Crawler Rock Piles 5 months ago

    The measure of intelligence has it limits. Ignorance on the other hand has no limits. Republican or Democrat I’m siding with the military. People are crazy!


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