Jon Stewart on Israel – Palestine | The Daily Show

Published on February 26, 2024

Jon Stewart weighs in on the war in Gaza and offers up a solution for ending the conflict. #DailyShow #JonStewart #MiddleEast



  • @donovanwilliams6792 3 months ago

    So Jon couldn’t acknowledge South Africa approaching the ICJ as the only genuine attempt to stop the killing?

  • @AliDaoudi 3 months ago

    Even the disclaimer is biased

  • @artemisqueen2 3 months ago

    Please talk about how this is clearly one sided mainly that Israel is to blame for 95% of this problem. They lobby and lobby and lobby and have managed to hold Palestine in siege for 70 years. Tell me who would not rise up and resist a brutal, monstrous regime who had occupied, oppressed and brutalized people over and over. There is nothing funny about this and no one should laugh about 30 thousand people dying.

  • @LegitRavven 3 months ago

    We need Jon back forever

  • @petergiaschi35 3 months ago

    People in America (i.e. MSNBC) are going to melt down over this, and I could take issue with some of the bothsidesing, but at least it’s been said in a way that’s going to get heard: ceasefire. NOW. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

  • @ShoeibShargo 3 months ago

    Jon Stewart, no wonder he’s legendary. He actually finds the balance of the situation rather than going all in bashing one side. Just curious, not sure why the writers and Jon Stewart purposely avoided Iran from the scenario when they clearly didn’t shy away from criticizing Saudi.

  • @tomsanders3531 3 months ago

    Keep in mind, the fact that Isreal is in Gaza right now is 100 % Hamas’ doing. The plan was to goad Isreal into a strong reaction, in hopes of turning this into a regional war.
    They have failed, at the price of 30,000 of there own people, whom they hide behind. But it’s Isreals’ fault?

  • @davidfenton6014 3 months ago

    The Fertile Crescent sits only between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers kind of off geographically 🎉

  • @deej5279 3 months ago

    I love how you solved the middle east crisis yet the leaders of this world are useless by any right and would rather have blood on their hands.

  • @mieliav 3 months ago

    it would happen “right now” if hamas would let the hostages they kidnapped go home.
    still more than 120, still babies and elderly.

  • @AndySo2000 3 months ago

    I watched the last one and loved it. Thanks for coming back! Much needed right now!

  • @BobsterAction 3 months ago

    national treasure!! glad you’re back Jon!

  • @negu-zy5ng 3 months ago

    Why make suffering real?

  • @chriscataluna4500 3 months ago

    Hummus cravings haha

  • @MitchelHumpherys 3 months ago

    Still feels surreal to be watching Jon back on the Daily Show. Somehow he hasn’t missed a beat.

  • @Imbalanxd 3 months ago

    Is he both sidesing this?

  • @gigazordeast1730 3 months ago

    This is the most milk toast liberal analysis of a morally and legally obvious issue. Israël is a colonial power murdering children for land, the Palestinians have a right for dignity and peace. Hamas is a resistance force. This is a genocide. Stop being complicit in a genocide.

  • @adidaskorn12345 3 months ago

    I feel he is being a little bias her due to his background. Making it look like its both sides “release hostages” when really one side has been far worse for years. He wants to paint it as both sides bad not a genocide. My 2 cents.

  • @joyfuldays596 3 months ago

    This feels like a fox news host pretending there are two sides to one coin here. This felt weak and disingenuous.


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