“She Would Have Been Very Popular Today” – Julia Roberts On The Famously Outspoken Martha Mitchell

Published on April 19, 2022

Academy Award winner Julia Roberts returns to The Late Show to tell Stephen about playing Martha Mitchell in the new Starz series, “Gaslit,” which takes place in the Watergate era. Stick around for more of Stephen’s interview with Julia Roberts, and check out her performance in “Gaslit” when it premieres this Sunday on Starz. #Colbert #Gaslit #JuliaRoberts

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  • Frank McManus 1 year ago

    I’m the same age as Stephen – there’s no way he remembers anything specific about Martha Mitchell. During Watergate the only thing I knew was that the hearings pre-empted the Gilligan’s Island reruns I wanted to see.

  • toobasaurus23 1 year ago

    Stunning outfit. She’s a class act all the way.

  • SidMonkey 1 year ago

    julia roberts looks like caitlyn jenner now

  • JazzFan74 1 year ago

    Sure sounds like the idea for this show was borrowed from the Slow Burn podcast of a few years ago.

  • Paul Davis-Cooke 1 year ago

    Hi from the UK. The accent thing is interesting. We have so many regional accents on such a small island and for many years they were considered indicators of lower class. Over the last 20 years or less they have become celebrated for their individualism and unique charm.

  • Daniel B 1 year ago


  • jordy vero 1 year ago

    That’s a big card! I mean, like 90’s big. remember the big logo’s back then? They would fill the whole back of the sweater or jacket.

  • Marmee Cruz 1 year ago

    Julia’s as gorgeous as ever; she hasn’t aged a bit!

  • Sindollx666x 1 year ago

    Ive noticed most British when they are joking around trying to sound American, will often do an exaggerated Southern drawl. I guess it’s only fair, since usually at least i theater we’re almost always taught a Cockney accent, versus the many other regional variations.

  • Lori 1 year ago

    Thanks to Martha Mitchell & Helen Thomas. Without them we most likely wouldn’t even know about Watergate.

  • ernstbtmn 1 year ago

    Didn’t realize to just now.

    Boy, I miss her laugh!
    Love ya, Julia

  • will middleton 1 year ago

    I have always like Julia – actually met her once in the early 80s before she was famous. But that southern accent was pitiful for a woman that was raised in GA (I am a South Carolinian). I guess fame does that… Having said that, I do think she is a wonderful actress.

  • Maureen Seel 1 year ago

    Best laugh on the planet goes to…


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