Jokes Seth Can’t Tell: Black History Month, Yellowstone Features First Lesbian Kiss

Published on March 1, 2023

There are some jokes that just sound wrong coming from Seth, like the one about a potential collaboration between Birkenstock and Gucci.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Gena Trius 3 months ago

    I love this segment

  • Incandescentiron 3 months ago

    So funny. I wish I had that much fun at work.

  • Betty Chatfield 3 months ago

    I wait for this segment and they always deliver

  • Paradox Media 3 months ago

    Next time somebody shouts at me I’ll say “Don’t be a Jenny” and i don’t even care if I’m understood or not

  • jb888888888 3 months ago

    #Correction Jenny, you have a dirty mind. Seth merely wished for lesbian twins. YOU’RE the one who thinks that the lesbian twins would do lesbian stuff with each other. Seth never said anything about that. He probably wants lesbian twins because they’d be helpful for when he needs woodworking done. Also, I got that Jo reference and I’m an old white male.

  • Tatsu De. Mtz 3 months ago

    Yeahhhh, I see why

  • Mohamed Barakat 3 months ago

    1:39 was that PeeWee Herman laughing in the background?

  • rbbrydon 3 months ago

    When you realize there are still two minutes of video left when Seth enters the “I really shouldn’t” part, expectations are high. And in this case, met.

  • ddddbbbb5 3 months ago

    When comedy just comes together…

  • B C 3 months ago

    there should be a whole show like this

  • Rollercoaster Rider 3 months ago

    My Ending the joke

    Lesbian Sisters? So Tyra Banks and Zoe Kravitz


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