Joel Kinnaman Planned to Not Speak for Two Months While Filming Silent Night | The Tonight Show

Published on November 23, 2023

Joel Kinnaman talks about being on a Swedish soap opera when he was younger and how he planned to practice method acting for the filming of Silent Night.

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  • Katrine Pomilla 3 months ago

    My pulse is racing watching your videos💖

  • P Dooders 3 months ago

    He was great in Altered Carbon

  • James Henry 3 months ago

    He’s sexy

  • Roberto Boehler - Blumenau - SC 3 months ago

    he’s old now, his hairline is pathetic, sagging skin, Jesus, getting old is depressing.

  • Jo Montanee 3 months ago

    I love him since THE KILLING

  • Kendal Deaunta 3 months ago

    Joel is still so gorgeous! He’s amazing talented. For All Mankind is one of my favorite shows! Season 1 of Altered Carbon was also really good!

  • loveforeignaccents 3 months ago

    I didn’t know he was engaged. His fiancee is quite pretty.

  • Jude Ballard 3 months ago

    I watch the “Holderisms” video on here every day to get more Joel Kinneman as Steven Holder in the TV show The Killing knowledge and words to live by tattooed on the walls of my haunted abandoned mind mansion on the jagged precipice of the place beyond the pines where the wild things are and the red fern grows where dreams may come and everything is illuminated.

  • CHRISTOPHERLEGGS 3 months ago

    Seem heavily edited ?

  • Lashenda West 3 months ago

    We love joel kinnaman

  • andrea collins 3 months ago

    Just finished the killing again but this time with the hubby and he was blown away as much as me all those years ago, 1900linden and holder ❤️❤️


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