Joe Walsh on Playing with Peter Townshend, VetsAid Charity Show & He Jams on the Clarinet

Published on October 26, 2023

Joe talks about co-founding VetsAid to honor his dad, all the amazing musicians joining the cause, learning to play the guitar, Peter Townshend, playing the clarinet in school, and Jimmy and Joe jam on the clarinet together.

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  • Brooklyn: your muscle mommy 4 months ago

    Your videos are pure love and joy Keep up the great work, YouTuber!

  • Peter Jonas 4 months ago

    Love you, Joe Walsh. You inspired me to quit drinking. Thank you!!

  • Peyton Wind 4 months ago

    Joe seems like a really good guy and some of his songs show his humorous side. There’s also a video on YouTube where he demonstrates how to tune a guitar — I play no instruments and had no idea that so much goes into tuning it beyond turning the obvious knobs at the end (very good instruction).

  • Diane Wach 4 months ago

    Joe hasn’t turned down anyone yet.
    If Jimmy doesn’t play clarinet, he will be the first denied.

  • paul mc 4 months ago

    As amazing at defying all the odds as Keith Richards, plus ol Joe even looks great!

  • ANsOn II 4 months ago

    WOW cant believe the lips are gonna play. Love to see wayne chill with joe walsh lol.

  • wade mckenzie 4 months ago


  • Progress Not Perfection 4 months ago

    God bless you Joe Walsh!!! ❤ I love you all you do!

  • thewefactor1 4 months ago

    The Bomber

  • Janet Pingrey 4 months ago

    As a veteran, I love this man for the love he shows us. Loved his music long before I learned of his involvement, but even more since…

  • Jemy 4 months ago

    My Maserati does 185. 🚘 I lost my license, and now I don’t drive.

    I ride in limos, sit in the back. I lock the doors in case I’m attacked. ⛳️

  • Sandie V. 4 months ago

    He has been sober for 30 years.

  • Andrew Williams 4 months ago

    Even people who hate the Eagles love Joe Walsh,

  • Askmi Leitr 4 months ago

    @6:10 I recognize that tux. I was in the same band in 9th grade.

  • f1s2hg3 4 months ago

    Joe Walsh is not Joe Walsh he’s a great guitarist but his career is over! He is older than the sins he commits!

  • Don Chonealyo The O'NEAL 4 months ago

    Joe’s looking really good I’m happy for him that he has survived and he’s doing good for the people way to go Joe

  • George mardini 4 months ago

    Peter? You mean Pete Townsend right?

  • Kellene Hubbard 4 months ago

    ❤ Love Joe Walsh 😊. Nice to see him again 😊

  • PatRiot 4 months ago

    This was hilarious, what a great interview with the great Joe Walsh. The clarinet bit was the icing on the cake! LOL funny but classy!

  • Gaia Carney🐌 4 months ago

    Joe Walsh played a hilarious character on ‘The Connors’ Comedy gold 🌟


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