Jim Jordan Falls Short in House Speaker Vote



  • Professor Skottey 6 months ago

    The current GOP is desperate for a “leader” willing to cover for the worst possible behavior by their members, so who better than the guy who covered for a serial child abuser for years, and still to this day…
    The irony is, they need a Speaker, only one who will keep their mouth shut…

  • Jim Messina 6 months ago

    Can’t wait to hear about “Doctor Os” in this week’s Corrections.

    No excuses for having him at the tail end of a list of nincompoops who tied their fate to Cheeto Mussolini.

  • Robert Pearson 6 months ago

    ordan’s pros are:
    1) He is pro-gay sex abuse
    2) He pro-insurrection anti-democracy
    3) He is anti rule of law

    Jordan’s cons are:
    1) Jordan is disqualified by the 14th Amendment Section 3 from holding the Office of Speaker of the House.

  • Montlejohn Bojangles 6 months ago

    I’m deeply amused by Seth’s ongoing drive to go further and further outside of the jokes into this weird meta-humour that has become his whole brand. I hated that whole sentence, but I love this vibe.

  • John Koleszar 6 months ago

    Have you ever noticed that on human males, their ears get bigger as they age? Jordan’s are shrinking. Ever notice how his tongue keeps flicking in and out of his mouth – and there’s never any flies in Congress? Just sayin….

  • Sparkle 6 months ago

    This is so toxic.
    I’ve never seen men fight so hard for young girls bodies, some like little boys.
    These men are behaving like pedophiles and misogynist.
    It’s disgusting 😒

  • bubblesezblonde 6 months ago

    0:44~I feel their pain

  • Peter Niebling 6 months ago

    Novo Nordic is not making that money, your currupt healtcare system is

  • Space Force Commander 6 months ago

    And the audience claps for Mac & Cheese Ice Cream suicide.

  • Barak Hoebama 6 months ago

    Booooooo free palestine

  • m ensor 6 months ago

    Jim Jordan is like a bad case of flatulence, because it’s rarely silent, frequently loud, and always leaves a really bad stink in the air.

  • David Flynn 6 months ago

    Jim Jordan Falls Short in House…just as Donald Trump falls short in the bedroom

  • Tyler Keller 6 months ago

    Arizona & Florida. The two most garbage states in America

  • Tammera Freno 6 months ago

    Jimmy J should be in jail x 2 for being a traitor of being part of a coup trying to overthrow his own government and for not helping a rapist be held accountable.

  • Miguel Pinheiro 6 months ago

    That insulin joke was actually pretty good lol

  • protostars 6 months ago

    GYM’s GF says the same thing about him in the bedroom…..
    Just sayin’

  • ian carlton music 6 months ago

    honestly as a 28-year-old man who lives on his own and pays his own rent, “two liquids one of ’em alcohol” is about as involved as i feel the need to get

  • FlowersForMe?! 6 months ago

    Yay! Jordan is a clown.

  • andybaldman 6 months ago

    Just stop giving politics your attention.


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