James Pays Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Published on March 29, 2022

James reflects on the devastating loss of Taylor Hawkins, and pays tribute to the rock icon by sharing a clip from our Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke featuring a drum-off with James, Taylor and Dave Grohl.

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  • carpe diem 2 years ago

    Don’t forget his childeren,

  • Mean Greene 2 years ago

    Before everyone assumes, the authorities have not said illegal drugs. Being 50 isn’t easy and we are all on medications and the drummer of a very active and famous band is probably in pain. Please reserve judgment.

  • Roger Mansour 2 years ago

    He was a drug addict who didn’t care about his family.If he did he would of gotten off drugs.Also would of been a better example to the young people of today.A selfish and self centered narcissist.

  • I believe In something 2 years ago

    Dave must be soo sad. Living that same experience… Again….

  • Fusion Super 2 years ago

    A great musician whose wonderful work will live on in the memory and his legacy and spirit will live on too. Rest in Peace, Mr Hawkins.

    That new film they released of the Foo Fighters, they probably ought to amend the film’s end credits, in case they haven’t – to dedicate it to Taylor.

  • A 2 years ago

    I hope he knew how loved he was.

  • Robert J. Williamson 2 years ago

    See FF live a couple of times and it is always fun and filled with joy and Taylor was a great part of that energy. It’s not going to be the same for any of them as they will always be aware someone is missing. If they even decide to keep going. They may call it quits but for some reason I feel they will carry on.

  • Led Better 2 years ago

    Taylor Hawkins, fucken amazing! Thank you.

  • connected online 2 years ago

    Jabbed and then the heart attack ed

  • Johnny 2 years ago

    Taking a wild guess he was vaccinated

  • doni nis 2 years ago

    I had to hold my breath as I heard the news…sooo so sad. All wishes to all who miss him. I feel really really sorry for Dave…he just came out loosing a friend and a band maid 30 years ago…and now the next shock. Huuuuuuuge hug to every one!

  • AdamHilmi 2 years ago

    RIP Taylor Hawkins

  • Anna Orzechowicz 2 years ago

    thank you James

  • Anthony Golden 2 years ago

    Wgat a great loss to humanity .
    Jib jab anyone? Everybody better start putting these pieces together with all of these celebrities that young athletes dyiing of heart attacks and they’re all vaccinated And yeah I know the guy had some substance issues but imagine having a compromised body because of an experimental jab The chances of you dying from having a slip up are massivly greater after jab pFizer has hidden 8 pages of jab related injuries And they’ve censored most of the doctors that know all the details on these jabs and theyve even censor their own ex vice president


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