Mike Tyson on Fighting Jake Paul, His Airplane Confrontation & Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

Published on June 17, 2022

Mike talks about giving a Lamborghini to a police officer, driving a car through a convenience store, being in a good place in his life, smoking with 65,000 people in Hippie Hill, macro dosing mushrooms, seeing something familiar in the Berlanga vs Angulo fight, his edibles shaped like a partly-bitten ear, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, his airplane altercation, and if he would ever fight Jake Paul.

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  • State Tech Guru 2 years ago

    I will only watch Jake Paul fights for free… doesn’t make sense to pay to watch an amateur fight with madeup drama…

  • Rock Ade 2 years ago

    love mike terrible questions he was soo good in his responses,

  • Kage Akuma 2 years ago

    Tyson is an inspirational person. He has turned his life around from hard times, he’s got a good sense of humor. I’d actually like to be his friend. He’s a genuinely nice guy now. If I met Iron Mike I’d want to shake his hand and if he’d allow it give him bro hug, you know hand shake 2 pats on the back, or at least respect knuckles. I’m not touchy feely, even with my nephew I usually just pat him on the head. He knows I love him but I’m just not affectionate physically. I’m autistic.

  • 1Dreamking 2 years ago

    I have no sympathy for that guy on the plane. He should not have acted like he did no matter who was infront of him in that seat. Reminds me in a way about those stupid safari tourists that just gonna open the window pet the lion. But this is worse cause he on purpose is doing things to piss Mike off.

  • SS 2 years ago

    Mike Tyson is a champion and he will always be the greatest.

  • Carol Benson 2 years ago

    Tyson hilarious! Glad hes finally got it all together! But…I wish he would have knocked out the idiot on the airplane!

  • Takudzwa Chimwaza 2 years ago

    We are still talking about that ear incident in 2022? Haven’t we been blessed with more beautiful Mike Tyson memories over the years? Geeeez!!!

  • wespeakforthetrees 2 years ago

    Mike is a survivor and I’m glad to see him looking so good.

  • Nite Knight 2 years ago

    Harped on the ear thing a bit much.hehe

  • Nolan Fonseca 2 years ago

    Mike is such a genuine man now. He was on top of the world and then went through some significant struggles and now is just enjoying life. Good for him.

  • snoozy04 2 years ago

    Arguably the most popular boxer of all time.

  • Tsk Pathmalal 2 years ago

    I think Jimmy couldn’t get what he wanted at Jake Paul question.

  • Htgggggeeeeee! 2 years ago

    Still the young knockout kid!!!


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