Introducing Louis Cato and The Late Show Band!

Published on August 12, 2022

Stephen shares two special announcements. First: our dear friend Jon Batiste has decided to leave the show after seven seasons, to continue to share his art with the world. Second: our incredible band members are staying and will now be called The Late Show Band, led by our new band leader, the amazing Louis Cato! #Colbert #TheLateShowBand #LouisCato

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  • Organon 1 year ago

    Um, so who are Stay Human?

  • Adam Kencki 1 year ago

    Jon all the best! we love you and your music!

  • Vinnie Limon 1 year ago


  • Rainbow Warrior 1 year ago

    I’m gonna miss Jon… But that’s life i Guess.

  • Viro ViranVictus 1 year ago

    Good. I never want to hear COLLLLDBLOOOOOODED again.

  • ModernCalvinist 1 year ago

    Jon was the Shaffer to Colbert’s Lederman. So biter sweet for Jon.

  • Robert Lindsay 1 year ago

    TFG Is a Traitor. Long Live Rock and Roll.

  • Nancy Halstead 1 year ago

    Sad news.
    Go with God, Jon.

  • wblstudios 1 year ago

    o7 Jon Batiste

  • JerJer B 1 year ago

    I will miss Jon so much! He is so attractive and handsome

  • Tyler 1 year ago

    This is so incredibly sad, Jon brought such a beautiful positive energy which helped the show feel so fresh and alive. One thing I will miss is all of the little tunes he would play in the background, I remember once he played the rugrats theme and another time he played the melody of walk idiot walk by the hives when Stephen was monologuing about someone being silly.

    Jon was such a strong foundation to this show that it genuinely feels hard to imagine him not being permanently apart of it anymore. This no sleight against Louis Cato either, he is brilliant (as is the rest of the band) but man… those are some huge shoes to fill!

    Jon if you happen to be reading this, thank you for being so wholesome and awesome over the years. You are an inspiring person and a great man, good luck out there!

  • Jami Boothe 1 year ago

    I knew this was happening. Jon B takes very deep breaths, his rhythm and timing can`t properly be measured in a daily production manor. I remember when Ozzy split from Black Sabbath, then we had two amazing bands that no one could have imagined! I digressed and forgot what I was talking about…

  • Jami Boothe 1 year ago



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