Gutfeld: ‘Woke B.S.’ is ruining our society

Published on March 21, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on whether more men are becoming ‘woke’ on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • dennis lawrence 1 year ago

    Dictionary Definition of Woke. U.S. slang.
    Aware of Political and Racial injustices.

  • DavidPhillips 1 year ago

    Greggsy Weggsy Guttyfeldy is h0tter than living f**king Hull.

  • A Metalhead's Life 1 year ago

    I read on Quora where a woman admitted that 80% of the women go after 20% of the men, which makes total sense because some 60%-80% of the men are single. The thing that makes it bad is that even average looking women want to go for the top 20% of men, while men are usually told to settle for less. That is, average women are supposed to ‘marry up’ if you will and men are usually supposed to settle for less. lol. A girl just looked at me today and said I can do you.. lol.. the context was different but I’m sure it was a Freudian slip. lol

  • Master Breadman 1 year ago

    U have to have big junk to mess around with american funk.. so men dont bother wantin to throw a hotdog down a hallway or lose half or all there shat..

  • Eliza Bradley 1 year ago

    Kat is only 32 & like a refreshing Spring Day even in Winter.

  • mike odonnell 1 year ago

    notorious P A B!!!!!!

  • Get woke go broke 1 year ago

    You lost me here when you started talking down to people who play video games (which is probably more than you realize). Clueless comments like that are why conservatives are losing the culture war. It would make a lot more sense to just take issue with the woke video games rather than making clueless comments that will only hurt your cause. I agree with you more often than not, but you are out of touch when it comes to the gaming culture.

  • Kell 1 year ago

    I think hating each other based on politics and not who we are as people is ruining our society

  • jeffrey Owens 1 year ago


  • Jalene Brainard 1 year ago

    Greg your monologue is spot on, so sad

  • Herefor Thechips 1 year ago

    OH HELL YEAH!!! Thanks for the news.

  • Keyser_SoZe_TUS 1 year ago

    Again the Pussification of the United States of America, and we now have two generations of these wimps, crybabies, mamas boy, and entitled sh*ts whom can not think for themselves…let alone have a thought of their own.


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