Gutfeld: A financial columnist got conned out of $50K

Published on February 20, 2024

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to financial advice columnist Charlotte Cowles being conned out of $50,000.
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  • @michaeldaltonsr8954 2 months ago

    Anothet “woman victimized”?? story?? Trailer-Park Tiff sez, “Hold muh beer!!”.

  • @claudewest957 2 months ago

    Should have been a red flag to her whenever the undercover agent showed up in a 1975 Ford Pinto with the fenders rusting off

  • @karendavis7986 2 months ago

    Sounds fishy to me…..

  • @Robert-xk5pm 2 months ago

    Saying this woman is a financial consultant is like saying Joe Biden is a memory improvement expert.

  • @L2Xenta 2 months ago

    Jim Kramer… ?! lady lost all credibility instantly, lol.
    P.s. as for the “scam” … the CIA doesnt give a fk that you have some problems lady… imagine thinking the CIA that doesnt even handle internal sht calls you to fix your problem.

  • @thomaspreston33 2 months ago

    Excellent segment, Greg!! … and Jimmy’s back! 😂 Just the tip reference was perfect!

  • @jeads21 2 months ago

    To be able to write $50000 off her taxes.

  • @mikestinebaugh2206 2 months ago

    This all reminds me of back in the day when rapper thought it was cool to be in jail and all that just to up their album maybe she wants to be able to sell more books LOL

  • @rickpicone9751 2 months ago

    I want to know this lady; I need a new car.

  • @majicmancoo 2 months ago

    this can’t be true

  • @robjones-qj2jj 2 months ago

    She’s a vile liberal, of course it’s a fake lie

  • @dreamwell2020 2 months ago

    This would never have happened under Presidendt Rump.

  • @terrarayner8766 2 months ago

    A wild story for attention to a mediocre column….to avoid pending layoffs? Is there an investigation into people impersonating government agents? Nah…dont buy it

  • @BobbyJ2002 2 months ago

    I love Kat. She is so funny! ❤

  • @AlfredoBodega 2 months ago

    If you can hand off $50k to a stranger, you probably have plenty more and won’t miss it. If this is even true …

  • @timmytimay602 2 months ago

    Kat was awesome on this topic.

  • @stevenkoehler6018 2 months ago

    “Going to Cancun with Fani Willis “
    Awesomely funny

  • @sfl6307 2 months ago

    THIS GUY IS A CLOWN BUT, then again most Fox employees are clowns.

  • @briangriffith3386 2 months ago

    Sounds like this woman wants to get fired so she can turn around and file a lawsuit against her former employer.

  • @mbouffy 2 months ago

    Oddly, all the agents had east indian accents.


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