Gutfeld: When it came to the extra fee, he just couldn’t ‘Let It Be’

Published on April 2, 2022

Sir Paul McCartney lobbies Starbucks to charge equally for plant-based milk and cow’s milk.
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  • Rebecca Harvey 2 years ago

    Someone should check the parts per million of bug parts in the ground up almonds, bread, tea, coffee, etc.

  • Danielle Brackenbury 2 years ago

    Save the plants

  • Jackisath 2 years ago

    I don’t drink milk from a nut or a teet. Both are weird

  • Solar Hammer 2 years ago

    I hate the Beatles and the stones

  • Christopher Hanley 2 years ago

    All those plants needed for vegan products have to be grown somewhere. Often, its on land that used to be ANIMAL HABITATS. How does this help animals?
    Also, Piers Morgan and Bill Maher point out that almonds take massive amounts of water to grow, mostly in California.

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    I’m starting to shy way from these Gutfeld clips because whenever they are over I get brought jarring back to the real world by this guy saying “Fox News YouTube channel.” News’s.

    It’s a thing. A YouTube channel. It belongs to another thing “Fox News.”
    The Japanese might say “YouTube channel no Fox News.”
    But in English we say “Fox News’s YouTube channel.”

    A’s B.

    ‘Your stupid, gruhn, its “Fox News’ YouTube channel.”‘
    Know, it snot. There’s only one Fox News.
    “But..” Don’t care. That proposed exception is stupid and makes things less clear.

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    “Implement this policy.”
    It isn’t a government committee meeting. It’s a price change. “I hope you can make expensive stuff cheaper.”

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    McCartney has a long history of promoting a VEGETARIAN lifestyle. Two reasons :
    – McCartney is a vegetarian.
    – Vegans are a new fad inconsistent with having a long history.

    “Actually, Jingles, veganism dates back to… ” Don’t give a hoot. It’s a new fad.

  • shawn russell 2 years ago

    Isn’t it great how we can get on social media and watch a bunch of blow hards talk about the troubles in America and do absolutely nothing about it and we sit here and watch it and comment our breath away again while absolutely nothing happens positive aren’t we getting a little tired of all this isn’t it time we actually did something instead of being a bunch of idiot blow hard s

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    “Uses more land…”
    So what, hippie. You think we should all live in the city.

    “Uses more land…”
    In a way that is better than monoculture plant farming.

    “Save the oil in the ground. Save the land on the ground. Save the…” Do these people know what saving means? Are we saving the oil the same way we’re saving the whales? Should we open up “Offshore World” in Florida where we can go see the endangered rigs and they have special matinee showings on Thursday of “ffolkes”?

    Well no, they don’t. They think your savings account is their wallet.

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    “With milk?”
    “Squirted from a cow?”

  • Peter Gruhn 2 years ago

    He’s not doing it to save himself two shillings thruppence a boot. He’s doing it to promote veggie-ism. What I said the other post about “how do you get to sit in a chair on Gutfeld while being so unaware?” That applies here, too.

    OR are you just lying to deflect because you don’t have a real argument?

  • Adam Wampler 2 years ago

    And where is the tit on an almond

  • Mark Johnson 2 years ago

    You don’t “stew” tea moron, you steep it.

  • Steven May 2 years ago

    tyrus… ditch the belt.. its fake. but i still love ya

  • The Mad scientist 2 years ago

    the washed up hippie is right about one thing Starbucks is too expensive

  • Glowgirl 2 years ago

    Gutfeld is the pathetically unfunny cousin you’re forced to endure at family gatherings.

  • As If Nothing Ever Happend 2 years ago

    Soymilk is even worse. Bazillion acres of rainforest are destroyed to create farmland to grow soy. It’s just as bad for the environment as cow farts.


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