Republicans Feign Outrage Over Biden’s “Stupid Son of a Bitch” Comment: A Closer Look

Published on January 26, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Trump supporters pretending to be outraged over a hot mic moment in which President Biden insulted a Fox News reporter.

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  • The Urban Shaman 1 year ago

    Great Monarch impression.

  • nedomedo 1 year ago

    Marble statues or bronze statues?

  • Kelly Brown 1 year ago

    It is amazing how FOX and Republicans believe they have the right to criticize anyone for rudeness when they never called Trump out for daily verbally abusing people!!!

  • Marige OBrien 1 year ago

    Dr. Ronny is just another Trump hypocrite who will say anything as long as his stock dividends keep coming in. That’s what it’s about. I bet, if you looked into every Trump supporter, you would find they all have major stock holdings. As Deep Throat once said (along with various FBI agents), “always follow the money.” As for Biden’s competency– first, compared to Trump, he’s Einstein. Second, he is sharp as a tack, 79 or not. It’s not like Trump is 43 or something. He’s only a few years younger… if you believe him. I wouldn’t put it past him to shave a few years off his age.

  • Sha Yo 1 year ago

    Seth sounded like The Monarch from VentureBros. lmao! 7:01

  • BizzMoneyB 1 year ago

    your father worked 24 hours a day? really?!!
    because his schedules said he worked from 11AM-5PM with many breaks scheduled. pretty safe to say your father worked the least of any President in modern times.

  • Mysterios1989 1 year ago

    I agree that something like that shouldn’t happen for any leader of a nation, no matter how tempting it is. But the hypocrisy of FOX News is really beyond comprehension. If that was all that Trump said within a day, it would have been a slow news sunday.

  • No More 1 year ago

    Just imagine how upset Manchin and Sinema are right now, knowing they won’t be the ones voting, so they won’t be able to hold back the Democrats’ nominee for the Supreme Court. It’s still not a a guaranteed win, but if those two were voting, it definitely would have been a guaranteed loss.

  • Barbara Bavier 1 year ago


  • Badger Watkins 1 year ago

    Says marble bust, but shows a bronze bust.

  • Zippy Thekid 1 year ago


  • Mike Gorman 1 year ago

    If you’re looking for “no shame” Republicans, the king would have to be Mitch McConnell. He is a black hole of shame. Not only does he not have any, anything or anyone who crosses his event horizon will have any shame of their own vacuumed from their soul creating a husk of a human being, the Republican politician. That is how he produces more Republicans who have loyalty only to staying in office with the destruction of democracy in their wake.

  • lizwilsonnz 1 year ago

    Yes down with false equivalency!!


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