Gutfeld: Supreme Court tackles affirmative action

Published on November 3, 2022

‘Gutfeld! panelists react to the Supreme Court hearing a case dealing with the admissions policies of Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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  • gday 1 year ago

    Obviously intelligence is not required to host on fox ,its just gets in the way

  • gday 1 year ago

    Little man big mouth

  • Billy West 1 year ago

    Bruce Jenner still sounds like Bruce. Still looks like a mess. Always kinda sad to see.

  • Noel 1 year ago

    Affirmative action never had its place. It shouldn’t have been implemented to begin with. 50 years is more than enough time to realize it’s racist and it just doesn’t work.

  • Chicken and Pizza 1 year ago

    Lowering test scores and having quotas for races/gender is discrimination period. Just like fast tracking people past where their experience warrants in certain career fields just because they meet a few check boxes. This doesn’t just apply to college this applies to many things such as fire departments having lower standards in many cases for women who wanna be firefighters and certain branches and units of the military lowering the fitness requirements. Any quota based system or system that lowers the standards for one group is discrimination against everyone else that doesn’t get that added bonus. Didn’t one study show that AA actually increased minority dropout rates during college because many were accepted via AA were put in mismatch institutions just to look diverse and instead of their merit.

  • David Brown 1 year ago


    Isnt the problem with racism simply that we define DIFFERENT races?

    so ending racism would mean we understand we are all the SAME race? I believe its called the Human Race, but i am just an idiot what do i know?

  • Smart Termite and Pest Control 1 year ago

    Office employee here. I wasn’t given any help as a single white woman for college. I had significantly better grades than some of my friends in high school, but they got scholarships left and right for no other reason than the color of their skin.
    I have a 5 yr old mixed child, and I want him to get into college based on his skills. Not the color of his skin.

  • Roger Le mans 1 year ago

    Greg is so funny I would watch him even if I was a democrat.

  • Steve Holzer 1 year ago

    Affirmative action = placing people in jobs and positions not because they are qualified to perform them better. It because they are not competent to do them at all and will never get a chance to do so fair and square. That explains Biden and the Democrats performance for the last 2 years.

  • Yaya's Whimsical Brush 1 year ago

    Very well said Tyrus!

  • Bubba Hottep 1 year ago

    Dude, was that a dude?

  • Ken Robinson 1 year ago

    LOL affirmative action seems like a dream policy compared to what the woke are thinking/wanting to implement and already have in fortune 100 companies.

  • Steven Walter 1 year ago

    Tyrus has the best insights ever!

  • Paul Sigmon 1 year ago

    Affirmative action is still used in the military promotion system, that always bummed me out they’re my 22 years of service. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  • Kimani Mzalendo 1 year ago

    The Asians are already eating the lunch of every other group, considering Harvard. Although Asians are only 5% of population in American high schools, they are now 25% of enrolled class at Harvard and Princeton. Whites are 50% but enrollment is now 42.5% (projected class of 2026). Harvard will lose its character and appeal if it only reduced to perfect test scores, which usually is achieved by avoiding sports, being anti-social and drilling, drilling, drilling for the test. Test scores are not nearly a complete measure of ability, and it is foolish to suggest that they are. Test scores are supposed to ensure that the candidate can successfully handle the rigors of the study/course. It is a mark of ambition that even over-representation of 5 times population size is still considered inadequate. There is a good reason why the A candidates in school generally serve under their B and C counterparts later in life. Allowing Harvard to become the preserve of only bookworms whose only glory/grace is high test scores will make Harvard a much poorer institution than it currently is

  • Be Brown 1 year ago

    Great. So as soon as whites become a minority and actually might benefit from this, now its getting overturned. Thanks guys. Perfect timing as always.

  • Jim Palmore 1 year ago

    let’s do a show about how immorality is now normal…
    yeah! we can have jenner as a guest ,,
    Guess FOX’s owner disney made you do it ……

  • Stuart Haynes 1 year ago

    But Ms Jenner. What about the guys that become girls and then win over them in a swimming competition
    ?? Not Fair


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