Unsolved Mysteries: Do Any Republicans Know What Critical Race Theory Actually Is? | The Daily Show

Published on June 29, 2021

The Right is up in arms over teaching critical race theory in schools, but do they even know what it is? Roy Wood Jr. investigates in this week’s Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition. #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr #CRT




  • Gerald Hilton 3 months ago

    CRT only exposes the real history, dark or not of the world’s societal operating system in order for us to know how to learn from our successes and failures? We’re the human race, right?

  • Ichijo Festival 3 months ago

    Critical Race Theory is the reason you didn’t get that promotion.
    Critical Race Theory is why the wall didn’t get built.
    Critical Race Theory wants to bang your wives, castrate your sons and run off with your daughters to create mixed-race babies that will vote Democrat. And all of those babies, despite not having been born yet, voted illegally in the 2020 election. Twice.

  • JVP 3 months ago

    Does this type of comedy add to the extreme polarization issues our country is facing?

  • Roy Partible 3 months ago

    “Is that dude trynna smash his mamma?!” 😂😂😂

  • acoustic cheesecake 3 months ago

    It’s sad to see so many uniformed black people support Anti-CRT campaigns and Disregard CRT altogether without knowing what it is.

  • Colette Mihocik 3 months ago

    I am just beside myself at the level of ignorance for real progression of this country.

  • Robert Spencer 3 months ago

    You do realize its not just white people against it? So why are you being racist in trying to make it a white person thing?

  • leonhard thomasius 3 months ago

    To be fair, u didn’t explain what crt was either. If ur going to say that someone doesn’t understand something then maybe u should explain it to them so that they can understand it

  • Andy Rose 3 months ago

    I believe that many Republicans know exactly what Critical Race Theory is, but the fight or flight mode for white supremacy kicked in so they created a whole bunch of propaganda against it because white supremacy cannot co-exist with equality and equity.

  • Willie Steel 3 months ago

    Fox propaganda isn’t worth listening. Newsmax is just as ignorant!

  • mpho molete 3 months ago

    When comedians provide more rationale than, a news outlet you know something is wrong seriously….

  • Leander Berg 3 months ago

    me thinking CRT stands for cathode ray tube when seeing the thumbnail…

  • The 8th Outer God 3 months ago

    Of course the dont know

  • Eric 3 months ago

    It confuses my Trump supporting friends when I tell them I am not a Democrat but rather anti-Republican. This skit is part of the reason why.

  • Lords Follower 3 months ago

    This guy did not define critical race theory either. Geesh!

  • garhull11 3 months ago

    There is a video on YT about parents protesting CRT outside a school. One guy says, convinced that he is in a moral pedestal, that they are going to teach our children about “..”equality”. Well, if he has children, we know what they did not learn at home


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