Gutfeld: Should England’s best defender have a different gender?

Published on December 17, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to franchise producer weighing in on James Bond becoming non-binary in future films.
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  • One Puck Chuck 2 years ago

    Bond, Chomo Bond, no child to young, no parent too vigilant. We always nail our child.

  • King Rex 2 years ago

    How come they only do this with white male characters? They aren’t remaking shaft with a white guy or the hunger games with a male lead. Why does cultural appropriation only go one way?

    As far as the Sylvester Stallone argument, he literally has to write his own movies to get cast.

  • Broliathos 2 years ago

    I vote for VP Harris for the role of nonbinary JB. Would be the 2nd flop she would pull, after being the worst vp 😀

  • Arron Black 2 years ago

    I genuinely thought this was a football question.

  • Justin Hall 2 years ago

    Fortunately the producer has been quoted as say the character must be played by a British man so thats something.
    Also for those saying Elba, he has said he is too old to play Bond

  • Mr Tibbs 2 years ago

    It’s already been decided that the new Bond film will be a remake of Octopussy and called Cocktopussy

  • Eric Porter 2 years ago

    From the title I thought this was about soccer.

  • 40aterules 2 years ago

    I guarantee you” if they try and go woke” the next 007 will be a joke” and so will it go straight to dvd!

  • Charley Buehner 2 years ago

    Could get Julia Sweeney to dress up as Pat for it…. 🙂

  • John Maksuta 2 years ago

    Love the james bond “skit”… how long did that take to film? do you need extras? I can read lines! please. I am available.

  • nicedog1 2 years ago

    Nobody will go to see it and the company will lose millions. It will then still be seen as a victory by the left as they double down just like Gillette did when the lost eight billion due to a boycott.

  • John Jonzz 2 years ago

    Craig was a Great James Bond. The last Bond film was a Woke Joke. Horrible! If they go Woke on the next film, the Woke Bloke (or Blokess) Bond is Dead!

  • Gwen Lair 2 years ago

    Already been there with Peter Sellers the 1970s version of Casino Royal.

  • Arun Rashasegaran 2 years ago

    The gut has something to say listen people no less disgusting than his very existence.

  • DieFlabbergast 2 years ago

    “The name is Bond — Janice Bond.”

  • Berkcam 2 years ago

    Bond… James Bond must be a British bloke with normal red-blooded feelings.

  • janet price 2 years ago

    Where’s Gutfield? Bring back his show.


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