Gutfeld: San Francisco is spiraling out of control

Published on May 4, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discusses San Francisco stores closing their doors due to rampant crime on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Tony Rebel 12 months ago

    Gutfeld fail to see that Fox is failing lol

  • mark a 12 months ago

    If KJ Pierre was replaced with a tarantula, would anyone notice ?

    Apart from the tarantula being more omniscient and enthusiastic

  • Dragon Patrol Learn to Earn 12 months ago

    I never thought in my lifetime would it ever be where basically there was no punishment for shoplifting. I have never even thought about stealing even a piece of candy from any store. Little alone thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. The concept of why people feel that they have the right to something that they have not paid for or earned. This is all like living is some type of twilight zone movie.

  • Jay Bird 12 months ago

    They’re really cheering for Tucker Carlson.

  • Scott Campbell 12 months ago

    Detroit is nice. It’s nicer than Greg. It’s taller than Greg. It’s better-looking than Greg and he’s not that bad.

  • waterbeauty85 12 months ago

    A lot of commercial spaces are vacant because businesses are fleeing San Francisco and zoning forbids converting them to rental housing, so the city has started charging property owners for commercial spaces that they can’t get any business to move into. They think they can make up for the city’s loss of revenue by levying more and more taxes and fees on the people who haven’t moved away, but it’s more likely to drive away entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile residents until turn San Francisco becomes a ghost town inhabited only by the elderly and disabled who are incapable of starting over in another city/town and by the chronically homeless.

  • dani brooks 12 months ago

    Please get rid of the Sean Hannity outro. With Tucker out, how is Sean still employed at FOX?!

  • Mr Jackpots 12 months ago

    This is a golden opportunity for the Mafia to cash in on a protection racket in SF, except they really would have to provide protection. They really should reopen Alcatraz.

  • V C 12 months ago

    They are allowing this and destroying police departments then they will replace them with robots controlled by AI

  • Theresa Armatino 12 months ago

    Gutfeld is all Fox has left

  • vandavang7 12 months ago

    never seen harland before but he killed it with his jabs and jogs.

  • Madeline Levy 12 months ago

    He is so very unfunny. It’s cringeworthy watching him. Can’t watch ugh

  • Melinda Knighten 12 months ago

    The big corp sold ya out like they did Mr. Trump. Crickets!

  • enigma88 12 months ago

    S.F. has been in decline for decades…now it’s done!

  • Woody Underwood 12 months ago

    The Democrat Party and their politicians are all made up of these Batman villain looking characters and there is a reason for this

  • In Vino Veritas 12 months ago

    What’s that smell ? Oh it’s San Francisco !!!


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