Gutfeld: The killer was a Democrat

Published on September 10, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to news networks burying the party affiliation of a Democratic public official in Las Vegas arrested for allegedly murdering a journalist and Illinois’s pursuit of cashless bail.
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  • Glenn Hubbard 1 year ago

    I noticed David Muir studiously avoided party affiliation on his broadcast.

  • John How 1 year ago

    When will a big city start a program to give away free bullets?

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Hotel.guffd trabajo worman

  • StandsWithABeer 1 year ago

    Look, enough is enough with the blame game. It is the *Republicans* themselves, *like bad parents*, who allowed these criminals, idiots, and perverts to rise to power in the United States’ bureaucracies and halls of government, by doing absolutely *Nothing* about this rise of evil, with weasel words of “bipartisanship”, etc., because they were either too busy enriching themselves, or *too weak* to do anything about it. They had all the tools available to stop it, and oiled themselves out of the hard work to use them. Blame any ‘faction’ you want: RINOs, MAGAs, or mickey mouse republicans — but the facts are there — they did not do enough, and were somehow frightened away from their responsibilities to *preserve and protect* the Constitution. Like evil, errant children, the democrats were allowed a free hand to run amok in our government, and annihilate many American values. Somebody had better step up real soon before TSHTF ; two more years of this excremental folly is not going to go over well in America. Talk is cheap, and opening up more so-called “investigations without consequences” ain’t gonna cut it.

  • Terry Williams 1 year ago

    Have you ever noticed there’s no other channels that support the Orange Dictator except this one.

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Yo tengo yanqui contruyocasa pandemia todo lo ynsultodecriminasion de este pais

  • Gary M 1 year ago

    Get those socialists!

  • Frederick Schnepel 1 year ago

    The woman doing the commercial should immediately seek professional help. Excuses abound, common sense nowhere here. Get a life.

  • d. kern 1 year ago

    Who wants to be a democrat ??? They’ve turned it into a disease and even antibiotics won’t fix it. Seems to be lethal,. Joey. Life is just a saturday afternoon western……

  • Tom Smith 1 year ago

    Democrats have proved to be killer

  • Tim Brunner II 1 year ago

    If someone is living in your shed….charge …them.. rent…..? ROFL.

  • John BlackBerry 1 year ago

    Making jokes about her showering with her Dad…

    So what is the difference between a democratic and Republican.. nothing they are both Pure evil!

  • Gary Turpin 1 year ago

    Oh yes!! Finally, here it is! Hey Stevie, get a clue. You suck. King? Watch and learn how it’s done. Too bad Trevor, Samantha and the rest didn’t pay attention. See what a real comedian looks like Colbert. You are a joke.

  • Jacob Peterson 1 year ago

    it’s only a crime if you also voted for Trump.

  • The Nakedrepairman 1 year ago

    Better release them so they can VOTE.


  • John Sears 1 year ago

    I loved the monologue and hearing the guests’ views. As always, they were quite clever and turned the tragic topic of crime into something people can remember.

    Just one tiny question for Gutfeld: Has he ever used a nail gun in his life? It sounded like he thought they shoot nails like a gun does bullets. He’s watched a Lethal Weapon 3 a few many times, I guess.


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