Gutfeld: Pro-Hamas students go on a hunger strike

Published on February 17, 2024

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss more than 30 Harvard students going on a pro-Palestinian hunger strike. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • @otpyrcralphpierre1742 2 months ago

    I laughed at them while eating ice cream.

  • @snapfinger1 2 months ago

    Of their flesh you shall not eat. Their carcasses you shall not touch, they are unclean to you. Leviticus 11

  • @dennislawrence8501 2 months ago

    The Trump crime family is multi- generational.
    Grandfather, Father, Don Sr , and Ivanka, Don jr and Eric..

  • @billcaffrey2672 2 months ago

    Head of the Clown Car at Fox Fake news..

  • @martinburns7928 2 months ago

    12 hours no food no nap no problem, Having Emily and Kat on this show at the same time ? No problem there either,

  • @anumite-uu6uc8zr2u 2 months ago

    Whilst Hamas leaders are eating lobsters and steaks in Qatar, bunch of 🤡🤡

  • @humblegrenade118 2 months ago

    Israel should order them some pizza after about a week

  • @sandragambrel9721 2 months ago

    I was wondering when I read this if they were really serious about laying down their lives. Lmao now. So, funny!!!!!

  • @paradox6604 2 months ago

    Pro-Hamas clowns

  • @TonySylvesterOhio 2 months ago

    So……these MF’s skipped a meal?

  • @QuietlyContemplating 2 months ago

    “Pro-Hamas students go on a hunger strike”

    That’s fine. They are welcome to take that as far as they want to. May I suggest twelve months?

  • @Pyro10B 2 months ago

    You fast longer before a blood test

  • @lugerpants 2 months ago

    A hunger strike during Ramadan…how funny!!!

  • @criticaltheories5222 2 months ago

    Let them eat cake…..

  • @jeff3638 2 months ago

    Bobby Sands vs Iron Maiden…66 days ..croaked😅

  • @shooterqqqq 2 months ago

    What are the hostages eating?

  • @CatherineBurk 2 months ago

    I had blood drawn the other day for a glucose test and could not eat for 12 hours. I also had a ultrasound test and could not eat or drink for 8 hours.

  • @bkbutcher 2 months ago

    In their defense, some of these 400 pound pink-stubbled SJWs haven’t gone without fast food for more than 2 hours in years so 12 hours (even if 10 of it was spent asleep) must have felt like an eternity. I’ll bet of the truth were known, the hidden caches of cookie dough and potato chips dropped to dangerously low levels during that time.

  • @jenniferrescott1149 2 months ago

    If they could make it 12 days..😂


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