Gutfeld: Restorative justice restores nothing and offers no justice

Published on February 13, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests evaluate the effectiveness of restorative justice on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Terrence O'Brien 10 months ago

    Angel’s friends are delusional ….
    If Angel had a open carry permit
    The preps …..would have been

  • Singularity Bound 10 months ago

    So someone else dies because of her. Also her trying to stop them seems lil hypocritical to her beliefs.. Guess its another one of those you have to give everything to them but not her.
    Well her outcome is ironic. These people are so dumb and dangerous themselves..

  • Stephen Hammack 10 months ago

    or maybe her “friends” were the ones who robbed her

  • Smokey Mirror 10 months ago

    Republicans – the party of gaslighting, grievance, and grift. Nothing more.

  • Singularity Bound 10 months ago

    She didn’t just deny it, she is one of the principle commies corrupting everything.

  • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four 10 months ago

    Convert all stores to have Walk Up Windows. The Staff can run around pulling Product and Bagging while One can ring it all up. With a push of a button the Window can auto lock and alert the Police if there’s a problem.

  • Karen Cogley 10 months ago

    People are so brainwashed and I was shocked to find that one half of our country really do think with the liberals, Dems frame of mind. I suppose that the infiltration of our universities, teachers, and politicians by communists worked. It was all so simple, and Khrushchev said they would do it without firing a shot. Well, it worked. They used all of the advantage points, the media, totally socialist, entertainment, Hollywood, flooding our country with scum just to out number conservatives, and the main disruptive force in a multicultural country, race. Now, unless we can pull a huge upset, it may be too late to save America. With politicians like Pritzkers of Illinois and that jerk who referred to our constitution as being “Bullshi%, the government is coming so close to disarming the public. If they do that, it IS all over. I am scared, but I’ll die trying and fighting.,,,,,,,,,and the devil laughed, America, that once great nation under God had fallen. Had fallen. Pray. Good night, and good luck

  • bruce dubuque 10 months ago

    HEY, stupid. What’s YOUR stuff? Where did you get it, who did you have to rob to get it? Ask a Native American.

  • Jack Walker Hunts 10 months ago

    When are we gonna take up arms and rid this country of its evil. Huh? Tell me you fking pussies?!

  • The Guy 10 months ago

    Can we ditch Hannity already?

  • Rob 10 months ago

    Shopping is demeaning when you have to pay for it.

  • Call me The BOSS 10 months ago

    Restorative anything is a joke. There’s nothing restorative when the harm is done already.

  • Michael Babbitt 10 months ago

    These Progressives are just nuts – Wokenuts.

  • Beef Cattle 10 months ago

    As soon as you went to talking about the super woke bowl I stopped watching. FXK the woke games.

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed 10 months ago

    Restorative “Justice” restores everyone but the victims of crime.


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