Gutfeld: Let’s talk about giant balloons from China

Published on February 6, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests discuss China sending a spy balloon to gather intelligence on America on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Andrew Miller 1 year ago

    It literally flew over “Custer’s last stand!”

  • ThcSyrus 1 year ago

    What kind of trash is this? Do people actually watch this?

  • Todd West 1 year ago

    Everyone assumes this is a telescope or somthing. I dont think it was.. I think it was straight up something that intercepted our signals.. Not the visuals like a telescope.. Like a wifi router to china.

  • mia795 1 year ago

    How about we talk about Hunter Biden and his laptop instead

  • Addendum Kebic 1 year ago

    If that was WOKE balloon in RAINBOW colors it wouldn’t have been shot down!

  • Roger Wright 1 year ago

    Emily is, without comparison, the most beautiful and brilliant woman I have ever encountered in my 68 years of life. What a delight to get to see her on this show fairly often!

  • steve gorr 1 year ago

    Here’s a thought, maybe they decided to shoot it down over the Atlantic because of potential nuclear reaction over our land…

  • Honeys Park 1 year ago

    Did Donny and Marie ever tie the knot?

  • Archduke Xolotl 1 year ago

    Lets talk about this distraction while food processing plants burn and governments order to dispose of food and wonder why we cant afford eggs and milk.

  • johan kruger 1 year ago

    Why would you use a balloon to spy if you have the best satellites with the most advance equipment.

  • Kimmie K 1 year ago

    Fire Marshall Bill (Joe) is that you!?

  • Jack Carter 1 year ago

    Let’s talk instead about why the Trump administration ALLOWED China to send balloons across the US on THREE different occasions without ever responding!!!!

  • misteraitch 1 year ago

    one wonders when the other 98 red balloons will go by?

  • Rocco Mazertti 1 year ago

    Wow this is just awful. Forced, not funny and embarrassing. Did you even hear the audience laugh. Take note- people laughed harder at The Pillow guy joke than any other joke at Biden, Hunter or Hilary. Get a clue, Merica is over this lame cheap humor

  • Jason Kyle 1 year ago

    Epitome of morons

  • Shar Crum 1 year ago

    How do we know it wasn’t dropping spores off a new pandemic ALL ACROSS THE U.S.!!!!!!?????????


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