Pandummies Spread Misinformation, Marjorie Taylor Greene Maskless Again & Facebook Amplifies Lies

Published on October 26, 2021

The Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros are in game one of the World Series and they have crazy mascots, Captain Space Penis Jeff Bezos is launching the latest space project and Jimmy has thoughts, a majority of Americans say they are concerned about climate change, Fox News unveiled their new streaming Weather Service, Marjorie Taylor Greene racked up her third fine yesterday for not wearing a mask, Facebook is not getting a lot of likes lately and a large number of documents were leaked that say that there has been an amplification of hate speech and lies, pandummies everywhere have been popping up to complain about wearing masks, and we travel back a year ago this week for a new edition of This Week in COVID History.

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  • Andrew Eric 2 years ago

    Global mRNA assisted germline gene therapy eugenics program.

  • Order 66 2 years ago

    Loved the clip of the woman saying the metal stuck to her neck too as she fails miserably at sticking it to her neck, lol.

  • Greg Cason 2 years ago

    So good

  • Swapshots 2 years ago

    Is Bezos doing a Trevor Milton?

  • Kevin Christopher 2 years ago

    One of the protest was that a boy(transgender)wearing a skirt entered a girls bathroom and sexually attacked a young girl in loudoun County school. But the left wing media like Jimmy Kimmel do not report this because it goes against the crazy woke viewers who he bow downs to..

  • T.O slots 2 years ago

    Thats funny 59 percent of viewers say your show is getting worse and worse and that up 10 percent from last year

  • Ian Brink 2 years ago

    7:54 That dude loves POD

  • Jim Ackerson 2 years ago

    WTF is a conspiracy fact??

  • K9_Chaos 2 years ago

    Bezo needs to stay in space. His wealth and power only exists here in earth.

  • julio almanza 2 years ago

    Idk about them anti vax ppl. They sound ridiculous. Either way, Im still not vaccinated. Im not putting a jab that won’t give me any freedom but only false liberty

  • Robert J. Williamson 2 years ago

    Why is it that morons always bring up the cost of experimentation despite all the advances it has given us, yet he will happily rabbit about football in this same monologue without mentioning that America spends hundreds of times more money on football than space? Why doesn’t he say “we should get rid of the superball and spend that money solving earth’s problems? At least money spent on science benefits humanity in the long run with GPS and global communication. Football does literally nothing for humanity and costs more but people always mention space being a waste of money. For some reason, spending on science in space triggers idiots but spending on wars or a billion on Avatar sequels is fine. Why not cut this guys show and spend that on humanity if he cares so much.

  • David Ascher 2 years ago


  • Chris Carroll 2 years ago

    Orbital Reef = Moon Raker

  • Michael Smith 2 years ago

    Ah, America – always good for a laugh.

  • Dribrom Sunrock 2 years ago

    I have to agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s just allot easier to fix climate change then terraform a new planet. If we don’t save this planet we can’t survive anywhere else either.

  • Blynky Land 2 years ago

    720p is garbage.

  • imacmill 2 years ago

    Good ol’ Madge Greene has bitched about the committee’s Jan. 6 ‘witch hunt’. Well, looks like she Boebert have been hunted down, along with a few warlocks for good measure.

  • Debbie Defies the Odds Deb M 2 years ago

    Seriously hard to believe these people are real.

  • b0b Humperdinck 2 years ago

    You know what’s funny about these billionaires Starving in America and this is the way they spend their money building this s*** and space the other be embarrassed of themselves


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