Gutfeld: Johnny Depp vs. cancel culture

Published on September 24, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses how the Hollywood star is choosing to fight back
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  • William Erickson 2 years ago

    It’s good to see someone like Douglas Murray, who is very much not a conservative, appear on a show like Gutfeld. It is a testament to who is really open to diverse thoughts.

  • smot01 2 years ago

    Nope, this is one time I think they totally missed the story and messed up on facts. To heat the couple of comments that he was a proven W/Beater shows the depth of the problem. I’ll be hitting the dislike on this clip.

  • Sick Hunt 2 years ago

    If we want to fight this BS we should stand behind the victims of it regardless of how rich or famous they are, or even if they only speak out after the fact. Mocking them and saying “wellllll youre rich and you kinda brought it on yourself by not speaking up sooner” only makes you part of it. Not too sure i agree with you guys on this one tbh…

  • mike anderson 2 years ago

    good for him. thanks j d

  • mike anderson 2 years ago

    I LOVE. Douglas Murray …GREAT

  • what about bob 2 years ago

    We are forgetting the science….she’s how old? And he’s how old? Do you think she married for money? How long were they married? It’s pretty simple Mathematica. Chances are she married to ruin him.

  • Chaille Smith 2 years ago

    Johnny Depp was a better actor when he was younger than he is today. And you can actually see watch the decline as his alcoholism gets worse. And the reason I say it’s alcoholism it’s because it was financially disclosed in his bankruptcy that he drank more wine Which costing more than I make in a year. In fact I do believe his wine habit was higher than the median income and the United States that year. It was under Obama so probably

  • Carlos Lopez 2 years ago

    So now he worries about the monster they helped to create?
    Go F yourself Johnny.

  • Lamamama 2 years ago

    So your opinions are based on jealousy. You say “his scarf collection is worth more than your self worth” and he can’t be a victim of cancel culture because of his net worth. You believe the judge in the UK who should have recused himself because of his connections to Rupert Murdoch and AH’s legal team. Educate yourself and maybe you won’t make asses of yourself next time. It is laughable that you call your show Fox “News”. It is just a talk show with little basis in reality. Your arrogance and inhumanity are a disgusting display of support for cancel culture. I don’t know how you can live with yourselves making a living by bad mouthing and destroying others. Congratulations!

  • Bunne Rabb 2 years ago

    “cancel” isn’t a culture. It’s pissy, bitter, infantile nobodies shitting where other people eat because “nyah nyah!”

  • Mads Gismerica 2 years ago

    Oh shut up. You dont know what you Are talking about. Cancel Gutfield…He has been fighting this for 6 years idiots

  • Linda Douglass 2 years ago

    Interesting, for the record the Judge was wrong. Heard is not truthful and the times they are changing. Heard is going loose.

  • Geeta Pollard 2 years ago

    man you are so stupid and one day you will get kicked out of where you are . hear this man in Hollywood helleywood when someone want to go above someone and be that someone like the turd Amber heard will do anything to get her way and by the way helleywood and some really high up people helped her . no wonder she still has work even that she is the one who abused him because of idiots like you with a big mouth that spew of crap . you was nt there you do not know so why are you spewing out crap

  • Cris 2 years ago

    Exactly. So many are siding with him. He is talking slow and deliberate to not appear to be acting. I think he should tell his story all over again w/o having time to memorize his lines.

  • Autotronic 2 years ago

    his wife needs to be arrested, she is not okay in the head

  • BrentMFisher 2 years ago

    I can see Johnny Depp playing Cold Shot on a Riviera Paradise. Surviving a Texas Flood. His first wife being his guitar.

  • _JMEG_ 2 years ago

    Well, this video aged like trash.

  • Sandia Pillay 2 years ago

    And now?? Mainstream media def a joke. After JD won now? These guys so quich to trash without facts. UK case was diff to US on merit..AH not a defendant etc.


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