‘Gutfeld!’: Is Kamala Harris a ‘secret weapon’?

Published on February 21, 2024

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss a CNN op-ed arguing that Vice President Kamala Harris could be Democrats’ ‘best weapon.’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • @Kauss919 2 months ago

    Yes yes MORE OF EMILY what a babe.

  • @Michelle-vu3fe 2 months ago

    She did such a great job on the border

  • @user-no9cb3bl1i 2 months ago


  • @osakarose5612 2 months ago

    Joe Machi was great tonight! 🤣

  • @user-fi5wz5si6o 2 months ago

    Kamalalala has locked up so many black men is there any body left to vote for her ???

  • @alanferdinandus7820 2 months ago

    Kamala is surely a living Scrabble GTP……you are left to put the words in the right order and gain the best pointss

  • @blackknightbatman2841 2 months ago

    Was found out Donald Trump the worst president ever in the history of America 😂😂😂😂

  • @fletcherchristian2254 2 months ago

    For months and months Fox news has been blabbing about the GOP star witness (a secret weapon?) against Biden. Well folks, this star weapon, turns out to be Alexander Smirnov who has just been indicted by Trump’s own appointed special prosecuter.
    Smirnov who told the GOP he is a poor whistle blower with only 15k to his name turns out to have six million dollars and has admitted ties and contacts with RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE.
    But why report this on FOX when they can just feed you more BS conspiracy fantasies and culture war crap to keep you distracted, angry and disinformed.
    Why? Because the Billionaire donor elite and their corporate buddies need to keep you stupid and in line so they can continue to benefit themselves with GOP tax giveaways to the ultra rich.

  • @jimshepherd3841 2 months ago

    SHE WAS IMPEACHMENT INSURANCE 😂Just like Joe was For Obama 😂

  • @donlee.4308 2 months ago

    Dems’ secret weapon is Michelle Obama.

  • @Genesis-007 2 months ago

    Kamala’s speech ” I am haha ha ha a coconut tree 🌴 ha hahaha ha haha thinking about not what is but what can be ha ha ha ha hahaha, thank you for this brick of coke hahahaha

  • @frankfurther3828 2 months ago

    Gutfeldt is a pretend journalist like RINO Donny was a pretend public servant.

  • @stephenrogers324 2 months ago

    Well let’s face it kamala couldn’t do any worse as president i mean last is last the 45th worst president boy dats gotta hurt

  • @bigswampy6073 2 months ago


  • @wasjosh 2 months ago

    The oldest profession, banging / blowing for money ain’t a secret.

  • @deloresosborne2818 2 months ago

    Fox has punked their viewers. 🤣🤣🤣

  • @pineapplegamer6986 2 months ago

    When Machi said what do they gain by hiding her talents show Russia we’re run by two morons 😂

  • @gmariet1391 2 months ago

    Kat , a dictionary and a wood chipper 😂😂😂

  • @FLNICE2605 2 months ago

    Alexander Smirnov, the former FBI informant charged with lying about the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine, told investigators after his arrest that Russian intelligence officials were involved in passing information to him about Hunter Biden, prosecutors said Tuesday in a new court filing, noting that the information was false.


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