Gutfeld: This rock star is acting like a mean girl

Published on July 11, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld highlights rocker Jack White attacking celebrities who were seen talking with former President Donald Trump at a UFC fight on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Grant B 5 months ago

    Jack who?

  • Sioux 5 months ago

    I never heard of Jack Wite?
    Q. What is a song he’s known for?

  • A BlahDay 5 months ago

    Jack White is a Johnny Depp wanna be…TF outta here

  • mac bird 5 months ago

    He looks like the scissor hands guy that is Johnny dep.

  • cnarcouz1 5 months ago

    Why are you putting advertisement during Guttfeld show? Do you want me to watch Guttfeld or get distracted by dumb advertisement!! When you do that I change the channel. If you do that with other shows as well, it will be time to unsubscribe to Fox News.

  • Saybatooth 5 months ago

    7 Nation Parmy

    I’ve got some Parmigan… gonna pack another rock into every pipe!!
    Im gonna smoke it all…. im gonna show everyone why my names Jack White!!!

    Now im tweeking and im tweeking and tweekin’ , now im high as a kite!!

    My whole music career up in flames & now it’s out of sight!!

  • Rockfyre309 5 months ago

    If Jack White dislikes Jack Black, does that make him racist?

  • My Lamberfeeties 5 months ago

    Who is this guy? What did he sing?

  • Alfred E Newman 5 months ago

    COME ON MAN sorry KAT im out all day long and they are still DEMONRATS would not vote for one if they handed out million dollar checks which is exactly what they do when buying votes these days hint not a million but a few bucks like a 3rd world country handing out 3 bucks at the polling places sad really

  • MEGAMCG 5 months ago

    Who is Jack white? Never heard of him.

  • Middle Finger #1 5 months ago

    Jack White is obviously an Antifa lover. Obviously doesn’t know the REAL definition of fascist. NOT a White Stripes fan.

  • mike odonnell 5 months ago

    of course Jack is for freedom of speech right?

  • Bonnie 5 months ago

    Who is Jack White and Why does anyone care what he thinks?

  • D. Gillis 5 months ago

    Manners are never a bad thing , and bad taste speaks for it’s self . Some people are just so full of themselves and forget to smile or laugh.

  • Cypress Center Security 5 months ago

    Who is this clown they call Jack White? He has never been a rock star or I would have heard of him. At least the Trump has always been a patriot, something no one in their right mind can deny. I really don’t see how he can credibly go after ANY Republican when he apparently voted for Crackheads, Inc. to be installed in the White House.

  • L C 5 months ago

    I never liked him. Overrated one hit wonder….he always seemed strange to me in a creepy unsettling way, even if I liked one or 2 of his “alt rock” “hits”. On the other hand, most guys that are in love with JB are pretty creepo

  • Dipsydoodle 5 months ago

    Wait…who?? Literally, who tf is this dude? The term rock star sure is being flippantly tossed around these days…sheesh.

  • Journey Dodge 5 months ago

    Who is Jack White?


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