Guillermo Gets Baked for 4/20, Most Americans Want Weed Legalized & We Play “Who’s NOT High?”

Published on April 20, 2022

The high holiday of 4/20 is upon us and Jimmy talks about the founding fathers of this sacred day, newscasters on morning news talking about it, 66% of Americans wanting the federal government to legalize recreational cannabis, to demonstrate the effects of cannabis we asked Guillermo some questions before he smoked and then after he smoked in a “Pot Quiz,” a meth arrest edition of “This Week in Florida,” the fallout from the Oscars is spilling out onto other award shows, and we play “Who’s NOT High?” with Cousin Sal on Hollywood Blvd.

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  • X X 11 months ago

    420 is also, hitlers bday, columbine day, gulf oil spill day and the original earth day…. why is 420 a pot holiday, cause some silly white kids in the 70s smoked pot? Maybe theres a reason potheads get a rep for being dummies. i say that as a proud pothead that hates popular pot culture

  • Rui Silva 11 months ago

    Guillermo didn’t get baked he got overcooked !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yednekachew Geremew 11 months ago

    Is it accidental that “4/20 “name represent the year i.e for 2020 weed consumed by most because of covied and every one is Locked up

  • Christopher Porter 11 months ago

    Oh that Rent joke was hilarious

  • Helene Mastrianni 11 months ago

    I’m retired,wake and bake is a way of life now…🤗

  • Ishita Bhattacharya 11 months ago

    How high was Jimmy. His eyes twinkle and won’t open the f*** up!

  • Hull Style Productions Change the World 11 months ago

    Does Jimmy Kimble have a Ben and Jerry’s flavor?
    If not there needs to be one.
    “Jimbo Kimbo Bo Bo Blueberry”

  • playballdr 11 months ago

    Jenna’s eyes were glassy af

  • Yautja Prime 11 months ago

    don’t listen to the uneducated woman it is pronounced De-moin… Des Moines Iowa.

  • J Coopes 11 months ago

    FYI: it’s primary season, register and vote 🗳! We cannot let them get control! Let’s ditch Mitch and minions for all they stand for/on! Let’s vote 🗳 those f@ckers out!

  • Elle Von K. 11 months ago

    Guillermo’s laugh is the best. 🙂

  • Edinelson Ramirez 11 months ago

    Guillermo is a lite-weight!

  • ExEssex : 11 months ago

    10:26 Quick research result: Des Moines? Internet says ‘de moyn’. Mind you, we had a road where I grew up called Movers Lane. We always called it ‘mohvers’ (rhymes with ‘rovers’) but non-locals called it ‘moovers’, of course. Who’s right, the people that actually live there or everybody else?

  • jess Peck 11 months ago

    Absolutely NOT the origin of 420 ! Those guys have been debunked so many times it’s crazy. Since the 50s the state of California possession of Marijuana is a code “420” . The fact this has been a debate is moronic .

  • Robert A Booey 11 months ago

    I love Floridah facts. G man’s stare got me rollin on the floor

  • Pete Dog 11 months ago

    The Waldos must have been mocking the fact that 420 is a police code for “reefer.”

  • Franco Barrera 11 months ago

    Guillermo is a national treasure 🤣🤣

  • kristobahl 11 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a legit stoner that he is 10x more blazed than Guillermo, but he’s just powering through the show like a true boss. Kudos.

  • SharkByte 360 11 months ago

    Of course Luca was high… he’s carrying around a purse… a very colorful girly purse at that.

  • waqar khan 11 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel should have done the same challenger who’s not high


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