Guest Host Sean Hayes on Biden’s Bike Fall, Having Sex with Monkeypox & Flight Perks for Gays

Published on June 20, 2022

Jimmy is on summer vacation and our good friend Sean Hayes steps in as guest host, Guillermo talks about his Father’s Day, President Biden had a little accident over the weekend while riding his bike in Delaware, his predecessor Donald Trump wished him well, game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals was on tonight, Monkeypox is making the rounds and the CDC has released new “sex guidance” for Americans who have Monkeypox, and after years of being showered with perks on planes, Sean is passing along these benefits to the rest of the gay community.


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  • Josie Fox 1 year ago

    Nobody wants to even imagine dirty Donald on a bicycle let alone actually see it!

  • BSonYOUTUBE 1 year ago

    Which idiot put him on a bike with foot straps like a racing bike has??? That even more dangerous than those ridiculous bike helmets.

  • ASHLI BABBITT 1 year ago

    Sean Hayes needs his own talk show

  • meet me 1 year ago

    Joe Biden is a normal humble man; he does not see himself as a “god” who cant fall or make mistakes; he humbles himself just like you and me, and he accepts his mistakes and falls unlike Mr .Trump who is the opposite …….

  • Joshua Goose 1 year ago

    Love it, Jimmy who? Sean, yaaasssss qweeen lol

  • Hugo Brown 1 year ago

    why did biden need pedal clips? stupid

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 1 year ago

    found a babY
    wrapped in the gutter

  • BC B 1 year ago

    Yes, Sean Hayes with his own talk show!

  • John Browne 1 year ago

    Consider closing down bath houses would help. Remember AIDS?

  • ZiggZagg11 1 year ago

    Bicycle people know about pedal clips (mind you I don’t think he should have been using them)… Pedal clips have been doing this trick to riders for years… You must unclip your shoes from the pedals before stopping… Or “this” happens… Nobody in the media has bothered to try to explain it… It is just too fun to laugh at the old guy for falling off his bicycle…. Especially when it is the president you don’t like…

  • Phil 1 year ago

    I WILL NEVER tide a bicycle, as long as you don’t call me ex…? how is this desperate Ron Jeremy wannabe still so popular?

  • Allen Huang 1 year ago

    Covid again?!

  • Enter4none 1 year ago

    Give Sean the Late Late Night Show to him!!

  • Brian Sounalath 1 year ago

    Love Sean but need to work on his delivery

  • whoops Hey 1 year ago

    lol the plane part with the gays is how the trans want us to treat them everywhere they go.

  • Belle 🍆 2 y.0 -check My V!deo 1 year ago

    Haven’t seen Sean Hayes in a while. Glad to see him and still funny af.


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