These two Trump supporters…sheesh



  • RemovedRhino381 2 years ago

    And these are some of the people that are making decisions that affect our country. Hope you like em.

  • Evolve 2 years ago

    Pro life and in a way better place now

  • Tempsdel'amour 2 years ago

    Ah yes comparing the sniffles to the dismemberment of a baby… how very left of you

  • Steve Mack 2 years ago

    old clips but still worth watching again

  • Ms Qunhua 2 years ago

    I’d rather protect borned lives than an unborn one.

  • Hans Bjorkman 2 years ago

    This is a great instruction video to understanding what the Dunning Kruger condition is all about!

  • TonesTheGeek 2 years ago

    I can’t entirely blame the second guy, American dream has become gaining success though betting on other people’s failure. Think about it, in politics victory is only though defeating the other guy on anything, no matter what they stand for or supporting you have to oppose it so if that gets shot down you’re a winner. In financial you want people in debt so you can benefit from that debt and because they’re in debt they can’t get in on the success so there’s more for you.

  • Wild chameleon 2 years ago

    That’s why I’m coming to America. I feel like such an adventurer in this crazy place !

  • endlichdrin 2 years ago

    You cannot make this s*** up. Still hillarious after so many years.

  • ll uu 2 years ago

    Unbelievable!!!! These fascists are cancer in society, I’m about to throw up!

  • Fortnite Guy 2 years ago

    Common Sense is missing.

  • poul thomas 2 years ago

    Asking a trump supporter to think rationally is like asking your dog do your taxes.

  • wolfdogg 2 years ago

    They claim to be religious but do the opposite of what the religions teach. Hypocrites and proud of it.

  • Sally St. Clair 2 years ago

    Bottle and sell Klepper’s laugh. Make a million bucks


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